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Spartacus returns for its final season with all swords drawn and a killer opening as Spartacus and the rebels lay waste to the Roman army.  While Spartacus’ army grows larger, all seems lost until Rome decides to enlist the help of Marcus Crassus, a man we have heard about since season 1.  It is poetic that the antagonist of this final season is someone that has been built up since the first season, and is a testament to how brilliant the writing of the show is.  Season 2 had an uphill battle to fight as the main character had to be recast after Andy Whitfield’s diagnosis and subsequent death from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and the recasting of Naevia as well.  Most would say that Glaber season 2’s villain, cannot even walk in the shoes of Batiatus (John Hannah).  It’s still quite early to see if Crassus will make a worthy season three villain, but he as well as the rest of the show points are off to a great start.


Already we see Crassus’ machinations starting in motion as he manipulates his way to the position of commander of the army assigned to take Spartacus down.  How he does this is pure genius as he secretly leaks the whereabouts of his predecessors’ camp to Spartacus.  This first episode has the blood, gore and sex that we all tune in to Spartacus for.

Spartacus’ inner circle which consists of Crixus, Agron and Gannicus has never been as together as they are now.  It’s hard to imagine that at one point Crixus and Spartacus were deadliest of enemies, now they are the best of friends that shows both on and off the battlefield.  Gannicus is a little less patriotic as his motives for fighting for Spartacus lies with a fallen Oenomaus, but dedicated he is to the cause.  Also, he gets a very sexy warrior woman who happens to bring him gifts of other women’s company to hold him over during the down time.


It’s also interesting to note that because of the sheer size of Spartacus’ army, some people in his ranks have never laid eyes on him.  This was evident in the scene when Spartacus encounters a man giving away horse meat to other freed slaves, and that man not having the slightest idea he was in the presence of Spartacus.  That scene played out both hilarious and sweet at the same time.

The final act of the episode which was intercut with Spartacus’ attack on the Roman villa and Crassus’ final test against his Slave/Galdiator/Trainor was a brilliantly done show closer that had me at the edge of my seat.  Crassus in that moment made me anticipate the moment he faces Spartacus.

So far War of the Damned is off to a great start and has me waiting in agony for the rest of the episodes to come.  Great Job guys.


Rating: ★★★★☆  Great

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