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The last season of Spartacus is turning out to be it’s greyest season.  While we see bad guys on both sides, we good guys on both as well.  Last week we saw a softer side to Caesar when he took that poor girl out of her misery and it made us identify with him a little despite his arrogance as a warrior.  Even Tiberius was looked at as a brave soldier as he stood with his men, preparing for possible death.  This week funny enough, I see Crassus as the hero of the bad guys in the way that he never underestimate Spartacus and freely admits to anyone of worth that he admires his cunning.  Another moment of sympathy came when he shed a tear during coitus with his lover, Kore in the wake of the wedge between he and Tiberius.  It’s hard to figure out why Kore cares so much about father and son.  At every turn she attempts to mend the fragile relationship between the two.  I theorized earlier that she may in fact be his natural mother, and how tragic that will be if it turns out to be true in light of Tiberius forcing himself on her.  Talk about Greek tragedy.


Over on Spartacus’ side, the wedge between Spartacus and Crixus grows wider to the point where it was in season one as Spartacus recalls to Agron.  The way the two stared at each other you would never think the two became loyal friends.  But alas, it was a clever trick on Spartacus’s part as he wanted Laeta to witness the friction between he and Crixus, knowing he would free her to give false account to Crassus.  The face that Crixus had after finding out it was the plan all along was priceless, as well as a definite breather for me after worrying that these two are gonna come to blows with each other.

When Caesar hears that the fractured team has mended, his hands are forced to take action as he assassinates some of rebels, including Nemetes.  It turns out that Caesar paid off the pirates to betray Spartacus.  Things turn for the worst as Gannicus and Spartacus have to battle their way through Roman Soldiers.  Luckily Crixus, Naevia and Nasir came to the rescue as we were witness to some awesome combat.  After the battle, Spartacus and the rest of the heroes gaze upon a fleet of Crassus’ ships coming towards the city. Meanwhile, Caesar breaks off in attempt to open the city gates for the rest of the Roman Soldiers.  He faces off with Agron and Saxa who quickly overwhelms him which leads to an incredible cliffhanger of the Roma Soldiers ramming down the gates.

We are halfway in to the season and things are looking very dire for the rebellion.  I will safely say that after five episode, this is the best Season of Spartacus.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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