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If you are someone that has kept up with the Resident Evil franchise and have made it this far, then you kind of know what you’re in for when going into one of these films. That has been my stance on the RE films and that has given me some leeway to enjoy these films. Having said that, I must say that Resident Evil: Retribution is the most disappointing film in the franchise. I know that some of you might say that’s not saying much in terms of the quality that these films have been known for, but has someone as enjoyed the first four films I wanted to love this one. I often hear critics talk about being bored during the film that is action-packed.  I often feel that it’s just an exaggeration on the part of the reviewer. It is shocking how bored I was drawing this movie despite all the action set pieces that followed one after the other. There was a scene where to two big giants with a large metal axe trying to sever the main hero into pieces, all done with stylized action, but by the end that’s when I realize that I was bored. What is really sad is that for the first 10 minute I was really into this film and then it all went south.

The film picks up right where the last left off with Alice play by Milla Jovovich and the escapees from the ship being surrounded by members of the all Umbrella Corporation. The opening of the film is a cool action set piece done in reverse. At that point I thought the director Paul W S Anderson was trying to bring something creative and interesting to this new iteration of the franchise. But the constant assaults of bad acting and subpar fight choreography made my watching experience rather depressing. This film sees the return of past characters that have shown up from the first resident evil to the fourth. Some of these characters include Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory),Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez), James “One” Shade (Colin Salmon), Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) and Luthor West (Boris Kodjoe). Newcomers to the series are Leon Kennedy (Johann Urb), Ada Wong (Li Bingbing)  and Barry Burton (Kevin Durand).

The crew finds themselves battling through zombie infestations and other forms of bio weapons in an underground facility while trying to find a way back to the surface. What follows is the very definition of a video game movie. This film will certainly not be the one to bring video games adaptation to a new level. Well maybe at that level is pointing down then yes, it has brought it to a new level. The word of the day is random. As in random stuff are thrown at random characters who we are random costumes that serves no purpose than the fact that it was the costumes from the video game. The character most guilty of this atrocity is Ada Wong.  She is basically in an evening gown with a huge split at the side high heel stilettos with a handgun strapped to her thigh. Why, oh why dear Lord is she wearing that. There is no reason given as to why she would be wearing this outfit in an underground facility where everyone is dressed in a military ensemble. Characters make random poses just for the sake of making the shot look cool. There was a little glimmer of hope when Alice meets up with a sweet little girl with her hearing impaired. I thought this would be a moment where some soul would be injected into the film. But yet again, I was disappointed when the constant barrage of action set pieces continued.

With this film being rumored as the penultimate chapter of the saga I really hope this film makes enough money so this franchise can get a chance to redeem itself. Like I said before, I wanted this film to be good because as silly as these films are they do provide a sense of entertainment that I would consider quite valuable. With the Fast and the Furious franchise hitting its high on the fifth installment, one would think that such luck would rub off on this for. Maybe the Underworld franchise will have better luck.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆  Awful

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  • Vbac23

    you would think 6 films deep they would have gotten better but the complete opposite 

    • Mark Bridge

       I know right?  Here’s hoping they make an effort with next and last one.