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Disney/Marvel’s The Avengers is dominating the box office and breaking records accross  the board.  It became the fastest movie to hit the billion dollar mark, achieving this goal in a mere 19 days.  Marvel’s major competitor DC which is own by Warner Bros., must be a little sore that an Avengers film was made before they were able to do a Justice League film.  What makes Marvel’s accomplishments even more sweeter is that their key characters are licensed to other studios.  Spider-Man is with Sony, and Fox has both the Fantastic Four and X-Men.  Marvel was able to regain most of their characters but prior to their movie release, they were mostly B-list characters.  One such B-list character was Iron Man who is now considered an A-list character because of the success of the 2008 feature film.   Iron Man also has the distinction of being the film that kick started the Avengers Initiative.  What once was a dream, now four years and five films later is now a reality.  The Avengers are here and bringing the masses back into the cinemas.

Warner Bros. on the other has all their characters under one roof.  Apart from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the first two Superman films, WB/DC have dropped the ball on bringing their super heroes to the big screen.  Green Lantern was the first character other than Supes and Bats that succeeded in going into production.  But a lack of a coherent plot and a missed opportunity to grasp the amazing mythology of the source material, spelled doom for the film at the box office.  Needless to say, the fans and the critics were not happy with the way their super hero business was running.  So what does WB/DC have to do to get a Justice League film to happen?

Get Straight to the Point

WB/DC can take advantage of the fact that an Avengers film is out and doing very well, and capitalize on it by bringing out their team right out the gate.  People are ready to accept a super hero team up film so why release individual films to introduce your characters when almost half of them are household names.  Everyone already knows the big three; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and to some extent, Flash and Green Lantern.  DC can use the Justice League film as an introduction to the DC Cinematic Universe.  Better yet, if they are smart, the upcoming Man of Steel film should be the true intro to the DCCU.  After Man of Steel, we should know all there is to know about Superman, so use him as an anchor for the rest of the heroes.  If the JL film is successful, then they can do spinoffs of the other characters.

Potential Storyline

When writer Geoff Johns took the reigns of the Justice League in the New DC 52 revamp, the threat that brought them together was Darkseid.  This would be a worthy villain for our heroes to go up against.  Darkseid is the ruler of a planet called Apokolips and has a formidable army that the JL could take on.  The theme of the film should be the New Gods.  Wonder Woman’s origin is steeped in the old gods of greek mythology.  Her and the rest of the League could be prophicied as the emergence of the new gods.  Something that Darkseid is not too pleased with, seeing himself as the new god.  With this knowledge, he dispatches his assassins to take out each member of the JL seperately before the team is formed.  After the failed attempt (obviously), the heroes recognize that they all have a common enemy and decides to band together to defeat Darkseid and his army.  DC should take a page out of the Avengers film and make sure all there characters have adequate amount of screen time.  Just because Superman is their cooperate symbol and Batman is their most successful superhero franchise, doesn’t mean that it should be the Supes and Bat show.  And they should NOT slouch on the runtime of the film.  At minimum this film should be 2 and a half hours long.

Which Hero To Include

Other than the obvious three being Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the other heroes to include in the first JL film should be The Flash, Hal Jordan’s Green lantern and Aquaman.  We could save Martian Manhunter, Black Canary and Cyborg for the sequel.  Green Arrow will be on TV by the time this film comes out so it would be tricky putting his character in the film.  Besides it would come off as another rip off of the Avengers’ Hawkeye from the uninitiated movie goer.  Wonder Woman would represent the last tie to the old gods.  While Steve Trevors is on a routine fly about, his plane crosses path with Wonder Woman’s would be assassin, causing him to crash on Themyscira where he meets Wonder Woman for the first time.  The sunken city of Atlantis where Aquaman rules would come under attack as well.  After the Atlanteans defeat the assassins, they trace the same energy signal coming from Themyscira, Aquaman could think that they are responsible for the attack.  That misunderstanding could lead to a war between the two cities.  Batman is attacked in Gotham.  He traces the signal to Metropolis and mistakes Superman for one of them.  Hal Jordan is on patrol in his sector of space when he comes under attack.  When he defeats his enemy, the ring informs him that the same signature from the assassin is located in multiple locations on earth.  While Barry Allen is working in his forensic lab, the portal that his assassin is coming through malfunctions, causing an electrical storm that strikes Barry and the chemicals in the lab, giving him incredible speed.  Green lantern could be used as the one to bring the team together and settle their misunderstanding since he knows more about what’s going on.  We could also see the development of the bond that Hal and Barry have, with Barry being the first hero he comes in contact with.  And there you have the team.

So that’s my take on how they could make a Justice League film.  I have one more request before I go.  It’s not really an important one that could spell the success or failure of the film.  I know Nolan and maybe the fans say that Christian Bale’s Batman could not exist in the same universe as the rest of the JL, but I beg to differ.  Here’s the thing, adding Nolan’s realistic Batman universe in the JL film would in my opinion, add to the stakes.  It would make everything much more amazing by Batman discovering that escalation has truly occurred in not only the villains, but heroes as well.  And it wouldn’t hurt to have Christian Bale and soon to be superstar Henry Cavil in the same movie.  It could be a combination of the Batman vs Superman movie and the JL movie that they wanted to do for years.  So what do you think?  Any chance my ideas could help make a JL movie possible?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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  • Chris

    I agree that no Batman reboots are necessary – Nolan’s Batman should be part of the JL movie. However, I disagree that a JL movie should be launched first. No, unfortunately the only thing that would work is the Marvel approach – solo films followed by the JL film. Any other approach would only confuse the masses. You would be introducing too many characters in one go. Part of the reason why the Avengers worked was because the characters were already introduced, not to mention the fact that most of the actors REMAINED THE SAME. The latter was crucial to the film’s success, it helped give it an aura of familiarity with the audience.

    • markeetundra

      It’s true that having to introduce so many characters could be a bad thing, but I strongly beleive that a well balanced script and a good amount of runtime for the film this could be accomplished.  Take a look at a film like Ghostbusters.  Yes its 4 characters vs JL’s 6 and it’s not a superhero film, but its a shorter film that introduced us to four characters we’ve never seen before.  Its all about the right balance.  And like I said before, the only character thats getting an origin story is The Flash.  The other characters would already be established as heroes