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This episode manages to keep the momentum that the show had since its pilot.  Right off the bat, we see Sam having to deal with descension amongst the crew by throwing one of his own into the brig in order to keep the peace with the natives.  We get to see some plot forwarding on the missing crew arc, as everyone is starting to believe that they are not AWOL.  Sophie Girard, French leader of the NATO is conflicted between staying and help, or leaving the island.  The one thing I hope happens down the line is that I hope we find out the reason why she ultimately decides to stay.  Unless I missed the clear reason, I do have my theories.  There is obvious chemistry between Sam and Sophie which is ripe with drama, with Sam being a married man.  I’m curious to see how far they take this story and how well it is handled.  It would seem rather unrealistic if the next episode we find these two locking lips, as Colorado’s predicament just occurred about two episodes ago.

As for the missing crew members, we get to see the kind of environment that Julian Serrat has them held in.  At first glimpse it looks as if they are being treated as guests at his home.  But that quickly turns as Julian threatens to kill one of them for payback of a native child being killed as a result of the Navy’s presence.  The show took a definite dark turn when Rodriguez offered herself to stay Julian’s hand.  It’s not out right known what she did with him in private, but one can make a really good guess.

I’m glad it didn’t take long for Chaplin to find out that Julian has his crew members so we can get the ball rolling on the intensity.  There is a blockade surrounding the island, so Julian’s merchandise is out to sea with no way of coming to shore.  That is until Chaplin make a deal to retrieve his goods in exchange for the prisoners.  This leads to an incredible set of sequences involving the Colorado that reminded me of episodes of Star Trek.  As I watched the show I kept thinking to myself that this show is basically Star Trek on earth with the Colorado serving as the Enterprise.  I was very engaged watching the crew having to navigate stealthily through the blockade.

Also along for the ride is Master Chief Petty Officer Joseph Prosser who was released from the brig to assist in the rescue of the imprisoned crew mates.  I kept wondering if he would somehow sabotage the mission which added to my uneasiness.  Though the mission was a success, they however missed the deadline that Julian gave them which resulted in one the captured being executed.  What’s even worse was the fact that one out of the three prisoners had to choose which one would die.  For a broadcast network show, things are getting pretty heavy and dark.

The look on Chaplin’s face when he received only two of the three members, sold the pent up rage that he had to swallow to avoid blood shed.  What’s interesting is the fact that Prosser and Sam who aren’t big fans of each other seems united that there should be immediate retribution for Julian’s action.  Chaplin’s says there will be time at a later date for retaliation.  I only hope they writers don’t drag that out too long.  I want to see some vengeance darn it!!!

The subplot involving Tani and James is a curious one in that I can’t yet figure out its place in the overall story.  I’m just afraid the show runs the risk of making these two an unwanted distraction from the main plot.  But so far it’s cool to see these two getting closer, even though it was super fast and kinda out of the blue.

Back in the states, Admiral Arthur Shepard seeks out Kylie Sinclair for info on what went down with the indecent involving the Colorado.  It seems like Kylie either flirts our sleeps with everyone in the government because she is seen with a new conquest after the other one is hospitalized after a supposed allergic reaction to shell fish.  There is some drastic movement on her plot as we are introduced to her dad at the end.  Schematics on the stealth tech that is on the Colorado was also taken from her safe.  That was unfortunately telegraphed for me, the moment she first opened the safe and said what was in it.

Eight Bells was an exciting addition to the season that is so far on-track to be one of the best season of television this year.  Here’s hoping they keep up the good work.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great


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