Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 8 - 2017 0 Comment

Fans are heralding Wonder Woman as the savior of the DCEU.  Batman v Supeman and Suicide Squad, although profitable, failed to paint the DC films as a worthy contender to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  There were doubts about the Wonder Woman film, in particular the World War I setting.  Can a super hero film set in that time period work?  It did for the World War II set Captain America, but it also made Wonder Woman seem like a Marvel clone.

The previews we have been getting of Wonder Woman since last year have been slowly eating away our fears that this film will be an utter failure.  The final trailer that was released during the MTV Movie and TV Awards in my opinion demolished that fear all together and replaced it with exciting delight.  The few new shots they showed in the trailer looked gorgeously awesome. And that remixed Warriors track from Imagine Dragons fit so beautifully with the trailer, it makes me wish they somehow incorporate it in the actual film. We still haven’t seen any footage of Ares, the film’s primary antagonist.  However, we did get a confirmation of Dr. Poison the half-masked German featured in the trailer.

Wonder Woman is definitely heralding a bright future the DCEU as well as female led super hero movies.  The film hits theaters on June 2.

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