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Starting in February, Aion will go Free-to-Play all across Europe starting with the UK, France, and Germany.  There will be two free-to-play versions, a  Free account and Veteran account type.  The Veteran account is for those who purchase the original boxed version of the game.

NCsoft states that “Free accounts will have some restrictions applied to protect players from bots and real-money trading, which will not be applied to the Veteran accounts.”

Players will have the option to buy a Gold Pack, which temporarily removes all restrictions and adds certain benefits, such as lower cooldown times for instance, and increased player-versus-player currency rewards.

“Our goal with going free-to-play is to bring the Aion experience to as many players as possible across the whole of Europe,” says NCsoft. “Transitioning to a Free2Play model will allow us to show to all these players and fans of MMORPGs what the Aion experience is all about and why it is still the number one MMORPG in Korea today.”

I actually bought that game and was playing it for a while until I gave up.  I’m hoping that it will become free to play in North America as well so I could take another crack at it without feeling obligated to get my money’s worth of game time.

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