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The Intro:

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Monday Night Raw starts off with Stephanie McMahon addressing Daniel Bryan’s appearance as a WWE Champion. A little montage of Daniel Bryan “cleaning up” plays on the titantron, and he walks out in a nice snazzy suit. He gives a speech, stating that “John Cena is an entertainer, I am a wrestler!” And the crowd is definitely on his side, chanting “Yes!” As loud as they can. Vince McMahon comes out and just tears Daniel Bryan a new one with some insults. Vince offered his full support of Daniel being champion, but only if he shaves his beard, he even threatens to fire him.

Wade Barrett comes out, being designated to be the one to shave Daniel’s beard. But he wasn’t having it. Daniel attacks Wade, and shaves HIS beard. Daniel rips off his suit jacket and reveals his new shirt. The opposite to John Cena’s “The Champ is here” shirt, Daniel’s is “The Beard is here.” Vince steps on Daniel’s suit jacket, pissed as always.

The Matches:


RVD v.s Alberto Del Rio – RVD dominated most of this match. He was high flying and agile as always, but what really cost Del Rio the match, was Ricardo Rodriguez who put his Metal Bucket in the turnbuckle for Del Rio to use, but RVD used it against him, taking the win. After the fact, Del Rio brutally beats Ricardo, and to my surprise, it looked pretty damn crazy.
Winner – RVD

Ryback v.s Mark Henry – Mark Henry stars off with the upper hand, and it stays that way because Ryback exists the ring. He walks up the ramp, and gets counted out on purpose.
Winner – Mark Henry.

*John Cena comes out and addresses Daniel Bryan and his “John Cena doesn’t wrestle” speech. He says that he loves the WWE, and says that Daniel Bryan’s would wrestle anywhere because he loves wrestling, but he would never wrestle because he loves the WWE. At the end of his speech, Randy Orton comes out and reminds him that no matter what, He will be champion. Then right after that, the Shield shows up. Daniel Bryan runs out to even things out. Then guess what, someone else comes out! General Manager Brad Maddox (who’s doing a great job by the way). He stops all the ruckus and makes the main event: a six man tag match – the Shield v.s Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and John Cena.

The Wyatt Family v.s Tons of Funk – The Wyatt Family makes quick work of Tons of Funk, being creepy and making noises while doing it. After the Wyatt’s take the win, Bray Wyatt gives one of his speeches, and whispers Kane’s name. Kane appears on the titantron and tells the Bray Wyatt that he’s the “Devils favorite demon” for a reason, and says that his family can save him from a “ring of fire”. Which I can only assume means they will have a Ring Of Fire match at Summer Slam.
Winner – The Wyatt Family.

Christian v.s Heath Slater – It’s 3MB, what do you think happened?
Winner – Christian.

Jon Cena

CM Punk v.s Curtis Axel – Curtis Axel walks out with Paul Heyman, buy CM Punk runs up the ramp and chases Heyman away. Back in the ring, control shifts from Punk to Axel over the commercial break, and Heyman comes back out. After that, Punk targets Heyman, thus getting the matched cancelled. But as soon a Punk grabs Heyman, Brock Lesner runs out, and attacks Punk. And what seemed like Punks fight, quickly became Lesner’s after an F5. Punk was left bleeding. After the commercial break, Paul Heyman announced that next week will be CM Punk v.s Paul Heyman, which I cannot wait for.
Winner – The Heyman Guys

Kofi Kingston v.s Fandango – Kofi bounced around the ring and handed Fandango his dancing shoes.
Winner – Kofi Kingston

The Real Americans v.s The Uso’s – The Uso’s had it, but the Real Americans stole it with a buch of tag team cheap shots.
Winner – The Real Americans

Dolph Ziggler v.s Big E. – Ziggler, the fantastic wrestler he is, had this one going good. Until A.J interrupts. Kaitlyn runs out to stop A.J from doing so, but ultimately causes Ziggler the match. I think Kaitlyn and Ziggler are going to start something, pissing A.J off.
Winner – Big E.

The Shield v.s Cena, Daniel, and Orton – This six man tag match starts off with Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Quickly though, the Shield work there gang tags around Daniel Bryan. The Shield were disqualified due to jumping Daniel. Randy Orton RKOs both Daniel and Cena, and tries to cash I’m his money in the bank contract, but the Shield jump in and jump Daniel and Cena, forcing Orton to leave.

Winner – In the end? The Shield

That about wraps it up. It was a pretty exciting episode, save for a few short matches. Summer Slam is I’m two weeks, and Cena v.s Bryan is all the WWE Universe is talking about. Will Randy Orton cash in his Money In The Bank Contract at Summer Slam, or sooner? Well find out soon enough.

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