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The Matches:

Daniel Bryan v.s Wade Barret – Daniel had this in the bag. It was shady when GM Brad Maddox appointed himself Special Guest Referee. And it was, because he quick counted when Wade Barret pinned Daniel.
Winner – Wade Barret

Damian Sandow v.s Randy Orton – Damian Sandow comes away from the “Intellectual Savior” and turns into a beast. Little surprising him giving a Orton a run for his money, but it isn’t long before Orton unleashes HIS beast. After Cody Rhodes interrupts, Orton wins it with an RKO.
Winner – Randy Orton

*Brock Lesner gives a speech about his match with CM Punk at Summer Slam. Talking up his accolades, and how he will make Punk feel real pain.

*Mr. McMahon comes out and addresses the match earlier when GM Brad Maddox quick counted his match. Maddox comes out and asked for a second chance, to referee the WWE Title Math between Daniel Bryan and John Cena at Summer Slam. As Mr. McMahon is about to approve this decision, Triple H interrupts. Triple H appoints himself the Special Guest Referee of the Summer Slam match, then proceeds to Pedigree Brad Maddox.

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Kane v.s Titus O’Neil – Kane makes quick work of Titus, leaving room for the Wyatt Family to come out and address him. But when it goes dark and they come out to beat down Kane, they’re surprised when the lights go on and Kane isn’t in the ring, but on the very ramp they just walked down. Kane does the flames, and bounces, real evil like.
Winner – Kane

Alberto Del Rio v.s Kofi Kingston – The power shifted a lot in this match. But the momentum built up by Del Rio came into play. Getting feistier than ever, Del Rio does come out the winner in this, as expected. Though Kofi is a fantastic wrestler.
Winner – Alberto Del Rio

The Usos v.s The Real Americans – The Usos dance around the Real Americans the whole match. They high fly and coordinate their way to a victory over the Real Americans. I really feel like they deserve to be Tag Team Champions, it would really bring respect back to those titles.
Winners – The Usos

*Miz TV: Daniel Bryan and John Cena join The Miz on his show to talk about this Sunday’s Summer Slam match. Cena walks in in a great mood, but it quickly drops once he undermines Daniel Bryan. Daniel gives a speech on how he’s a true wrestler, and Cena is just a TV act. Cena then gets personal and mentions that he’s wrestled greats, and had the championship while doing it. He mentions his Make A Wish Kids, and his fans. Sometimes, these things are real, and not scripted. And I feel like this was one of those times. Daniel then proceeds to say that, in Japan, it’s a custom to slap the other wrestler to fire them up, insinuating that he’s going to slap Cena. But them he says “But your not a wrestler, and you don’t deserve that.” Now it really looks like Cena gets really pissed. He throws chairs and slaps Daniel, but Daniel laughs and says “You don’t deserve it”. Triple H comes out and separates them, then it immediately went to commercial, which makes me think that it in fact was real. It really left me excited and ready for Sunday.

The Battle Royal: After a long elimination, the final two were RVD and Mark Henry. Strength v.s Agility. Mark Henry was just too slow, and RVD sent him over the ropes. After RVD wins, Mark Henry surprises the crowd and congratulates him. Then the Shield comes out. And Henry joins RVD to defend him. Thinking they had it on the bag, they’re surprised when the Big Show returns, putting fear into the Shield. Three Raw veterans in the ring was very exciting to see. RVD will be facing the Shield’s Dean Ambrose at Summer Slam for the U.S Championship.
Winner – RVD

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CM Punk v.s Paul Heyman – Paul Heyman “Traps” Punk, and says that he has to fight him AND Brock Lesner. When Punk’s music plays, he’s actually already behind them, and beats Brock with a camera taken right out of a cameraman’s hands. As he chases Heyman down, Curtis Axel comes to Heymans rescue. But Punk GTS’s him and taunts Brock, yelling “Best in the World!” Defiant.
Winner – CM Punk

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