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NBC is building Jimmy Fallon a new set in New York City, while Jay Leno is getting increasingly hostile towards his masters. Could there be a correlation? Is Jay Leno leaving for good this time? Is he stepping down, or being pushed out? Is this all a bunch of hooey?

This is a developing story that will surely cause some shake-up at NBC, if it turns out to be true. Jay Leno, host of the now-tarnished Tonight Show, had previously given the show to Late Night host Conan O’ Brien, but changed his mind and, revealing himself to be the monster Letterman always knew he was, took back his show and told Conan to go screw. Conan now has his own show on TBS, and his fair share of young fans.


After Conan left Late Night, his desk was commandeered by the cute and quirky Jimmy Fallon, who, armed with the hippest band on television, The Roots, established himself as the go-to show for cool musical acts, young movie stars, and even big videogame appearances. Having only hosted since 2009, this would be a huge step for the young SNL alum-turned desk jockey, and, if Jay were to take his retirement like a man this time, perhaps Jimmy may even be able to restore the good name of the broken show, which, prior to Leno, had been hosted by such greats as Jack Parr, Steve Allen, and the guardian angel of late night, Johnny Carson. The heir apparent during Carson’s retirement was Late Night host David Letterman, but that debacle, chronicled in the HBO film, The Late Shift, led to Leno stealing the title as Tonight Show Host, and Letterman getting his own show on rival network CBS, which he hosts to this day.

More on the latest evening programming headache as it develops.


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