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Penny Can players, rejoice!

TBS is renewing its top original (well, sort-of original) prime time series, Cougar Town, for a fifth season of thirteen episodes. After being cancelled by ABC after three seasons, TBS picked up the critical hit and it seems to have been a successful relationship, if this renewal deal is any indication. On the other hand, the deal is for thirteen episodes, less than the first TBS season, which consisted of fifteen episodes.

Still, more wine time with the Cul de Sac Crew is good news, and fans of the show, like me, will take it any way they can get it. Cougar Town stars Courtney Cox and is created by Bill Lawrence, of Scrubs fame.

Here’s hoping the show lives a long life on cable, where it gets the love and attention it never would have received on ABC. As a side note, the show has almost nothing to do with cougars of ANY kind anymore, but decided not to change the title, since the tale of how quickly archaic it became is a legend unto itself!

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