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Yes we are back to prison life in season 4 of The Walking Dead, and life has changed for a few of the survivors.  Like the title of the episode states, there have been 30 days without an accident or I guess an incident.  But we all know that’s about to change don’t we.  As for some of the changes.  Love is in the air for Tyreese and one of the Woodbury survivors.  Beth also have herself a beau, even though she’s a bit nonchalant about it.  He’s about to go with a small group on one of their usual “runs” and yet she refuses to say goodbye.  Rick seems more at peace with his position as leader and Carl seems to be less of serial killer in training.  Maybe even Daryl and Carol have something going on.  It was never made clear but she did fire that line “I saw you first”, so who knows.  Michonne is also back with her sweet katana blade.  No zombie escorts though.


This episode introduced us to three new members, two of which bit it by the end.  This leads me to wonder if these characters are just gonna be zombie food.  The “run” sees Daryl and company going to a Walmart type store for supplies.  This leads to one of the best zombie sequence seen since any of the previous three seasons.  The mart just happens to have a fallen helicopter and a horde of zombies parked on its roof just waiting for some for a group of unsuspecting human meat to enter.  The roof collapses and the group faces off with the falling zombies and loses one member who happens to be Beth’s boyfriend.  I’m glad to to that new show runner Scott Gimple remembers that tense moments like this is one of the main reasons we love the show.

Meanwhile we have Rick stumbling on an unexpected survivor while wondering outside the prison.  This to me was the weakest subplot of the episode.  This subplot served to give Rick a glance of what he could have become had he stayed the course he was going after Lori died in season 3.  The thing is, Rick already went through that after finding Morgan who he met in the very first episode.  Morgan had now lost his son and was off the deep end with no way to return.  Rick came back from the deep end after seeing his future as Morgan, so this subplot with the surviving woman was not needed.  I will however give it points for the creep factor.  Why do I get the feeling that leaving her to turn into a zombie is going to bite at least one survivor in the ass.


Carol has become the storytime host for the kids.  But we quickly find out that she’s actually training the kids in secret to take out zombies.  Glen and Maggie had a pregnancy scare.  Are there still condoms around?  When Daryl delivers the news to Beth about her boyfriend she takes the news pretty well stating that she was at least glad to get to know him.  The zombie apocalypse has changed people to either crazy, or emotionless survivalist.  The latter could be where Beth is heading.  Then we have another survivor succumbing to death.  But not from zombie but from a disease.  Things aren’t looking too good from the inside of the prison anymore.

The season premiere was a solid with a few tense moments and interesting character developments.  Tyreese, Daryl and Carol are definitely ones to watch and I’m excited to see were things go from here.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Good

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