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We have come to the penultimate chapter in the Spartacus saga, and the creators deems it fit to give us an almost full circle effect by bringing back the gladiatorial games.  Well a version of it anyway.  This time it’s the rebellion that’s in control of the games, and the Roman soldiers as the meat for slaughter.  But before I get ahead of myself, I will recall the set up to the  games.  Naevia returns to Spartacus’ camp with Crixus’ head in hand.  A ploy by  Crassus to taunt Spartacus.  I was a bit worried that Naevia, who was already somewhat of a loose canon after being sold to the minds, was going to be unhinged and do something stupid.  Like perhaps killing Crassus’ slave, Kore for recompense.  Thankfully that was not the case.

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What I found curious was the thought that they were introducing another player so late in the game in the form of Pompeii, a Roman general.  Although we never see him, his presence is very much a part of this episode.  His very name was used in an attempt to ensnare Crassus, when Spartacus’ men posed as Pompeii’s soldiers to lore him out.  But they got Tiberius and his men instead.  And they would be used as blood offering to the rebellion’s fallen.  I must say that once the games started, it brought back memories and the excitement of Season one and it’s prequel, as we see the former gladiators turned rebellions decimate their Roman opponents.  Spartacus and Gannicus manage to dispatch their opponents in style.

Moments before the fights, we got a meeting of Tiberius and Kore.  Kore shares her thoughts of seeing him die later.  And to think there was a time when I thought she was his biological mother.  Do I feel stupid.


Crassus decides to send Caesar to Spartacus to trade 500 imprisoned rebels for Tiberius.  The moment I saw Caesar arrive at the the rebel camp, I knew Naevia would not get her vengeance on Tiberius.  But I’m glad the choice was left to her.  In some ways that could be considered closure for her.  But Naevia sparing his life only meant that Kore was there to end it before the trade was made.  But to soften the blow, she offers herself for trade instead.  Crassus received her with open arms.  But is his heart now closed to her?  The first sign of that is, she can no longer address him as Marcus, only by his title.  With one episode left, will there be time to see the effect her running away has?   I only hope so.


The prisoners are returned to Spartacus, including Agron, who was thought to be among the casualties.  Nasir was happy to see this revelation, but his Syrian suitor seemed none to pleased.  Spartacus builds a pyre for Crixus and riles his people for their last stand against the Romans.  A battle that next weeks episode promises and which I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for.  Very solid episode and a fitting bridge to the series finale.

Rating: ★★★★☆  Great

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