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I have to say right off the jump that this is by far my favorite episode of the season.  We managed to get  introductions to a couple of comic book mainstays.  While last week featured a Simmons centric story, this time around Fitz got thrown into the lime light.  We find out a little bit more on Skye’s parentage as well as a call back to the magical place of Tahiti.

The episode begins with an extraction of a undercover SHIELD agent who brings with him Level 8 intel.  Apparently, level 7 isn’t the highest clearance after all.  Just how many levels are there is yet to be revealed.  Makes me wonder what level of clearance Hawkeye, Black Widow or even Captain America has.  The crew then head to one of SHIELD’s headquarters dubbed The Hub.  This place looks incredible.  But it’s also cool that the Triskilion is also mentioned.  A place we will be seeing in Captain America The Winter Soldier.  Agent Sitwell from the Marvel One Shot The Consultant makes an appearance, showing that Marvel hasn’t  forgotten any of their characters that they’ve introduced in other mediums.  My other geek out moment was the introduction of Victoria Hand, also from the comics, played by the beautiful Saffron Borrows.  She even looks like her comic book counterpart with red streak in her hair.

victoria hand

Fitz and Ward are sent on what is later revealed as a suicide mission to disable a device, which would be followed by SHIELD leveling the place.  Skye who refuses to accept the “need to know” basis of the Level system, decides to investigate the mission that Fitz and Ward are sent on.  She also gets a glimpse of the redacted files on her parents.  The scenes with Skye and Simmons hacking into the SHIELD computer were pretty hilarious.  The show is really starting to open up these characters’ personalities.  The very one sided conversation Coulson had with May while she did her Ti Chi was a fun scene to watch.  Clark Gregg once again shows us why we fell in love with Coulson and his dry humor in the first place.

Coulson’s “go to” description of Tahiti being a magical place is back in play.  Now it seems like he’s aware of his response that something is definitely up with his return.  The revelation at the end shows he does not indeed have access to the file of his stay in Tahiti.  One of the things that was touched upon in this episode is that SHIELD may not be all that squeakily clean in the area of basic human decency and that we may be witnessing the beginning of the cracks.  Something that I’m sure will lead to the events to come in The Winter Soldier.


I have to comment on the special FX.  They are really spending a pretty penny on this show.  Some of the backgrounds in the Hub looked incredible.  The Calvary rescue at the end of the episode was also a spectacular site to see, with “the bus” doing some damage.

Agents of SHIELD continues to entertain and like I predicted, we are starting to see thing get a bit heavier.  I get to see a bit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a weekly basis with nor more of that waiting every six months or so for another film.

Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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