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I know everyone’s taste is subjective, but I seriously have to say that if no one liked this episode of AOS, then I really believe they just want to hate on this show for hating sake.  I know as a reviewer I’m not suppose to say comments like this, especially opening my review with it, but this episode was so amazing I can’t see people disliking it.  I hope those who abandoned the show after 3 or 4 episodes come back and give this one a try.  This episode had the humor of course.  But it also had super villain action and story twists that I’m sure viewers were looking for in the first place.

This episode sees a local street magician in Hong Kong named Chan, who has tricks up his sleeve that is a little bit more than your average party trick.  He’s able to create fire with his hands which catches the eye of a woman in a flower dress named Reina.  It turns out this woman is from Centipede,  the clandestine organization from the pilot episode.  She gives a Chan an opportunity to become famous, even name dropping Captain America’s name to help sell him on the process.  He even gets his own super hero name which is Scorch. It turns out that SHIELD is aware of a selected few with powers and have been keeping track of there whereabouts.  Coulson’s team is tasked with finding Chan and the twists and turns that made this episode great begins.


The Rising Tide hacker group are implicated with leaking the info on Chan which bring Skye under fire.  This bit of news is heart breaking for the crew, especially Coulson and Ward who started to bond with Skye.  In order to prove her innocence, she decides to seek out the hacker responsible for the leak, which turns out to be someone very close to her.  Being the professional spies that SHIELD are, they catch Skye in a very compromising position with the hacker.  We all know that Ward and Skye will at some point get together, but he didn’t look to please to see her post coitus with another guy.  I understand some complaints about the acting of some of the cast, but I feel the actors really did a bang up job in this scene as well as the rest of the episode.

Meanwhile, Scorch gets betrayed by Centipede who were only after is platelets, which seem to be able to handle the Extremis formula without the exploding side effects.  When SHIELD breaks in for the rescue, the special FX shown when Scorch battles Coulson and Melinda looked amazing.  The FX team really stepped it up in this episode.  The other notable sequence involving Scorch is the burning of the not so good doctor who we first saw in episode 1.  Man, that was a brutal scene.

This episode changes the the tone and dynamic of the show from light humored adventure tales to a darker conspiracy driven story.  For those who for some reason thought the show had no main focus, this episode should make it clear and then some.  Centipede is now on the hunt for persons with special powers for their Extremis experiments and Skye’s reason for infiltrating SHIELD is to find her parents.  Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.  For now, the bond that Coulson and Skye had has been broken and she will have to find a way to gain it back.  Reina is an intriguing character which will undoubtedly be making numerous appearance this season.


Now after seeing this episode, I can’t help but ask, “Is Marvel slowly introducing mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?”  I know in the Graviton episode, some thought Magneto was behind the flying cars which turned out not to be the case.  We know that his children Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are going to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  But what we don’t know is what will be the source of their powers, considering that Fox owns the rights to mutants.  The beginning of this episode reveals that SHIELD is aware of humans with special abilities and are trying to keep them under wraps.  And then there is Scorch, who in the comics is a mutant, so there’s that.  Coulson lets the crew know that they have no idea how these individuals gain their powers, so my money is on them being mutants.  Maybe Marvel made a deal with Fox so who knows.

This has been by far the best episode of the season and completely justifies me sticking with the show.  It’s only a shame that I have to wait another two weeks for a new episode.

Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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