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For those wishing that Agents of SHIELD was a little bit darker in tone, then you may take a liking to this episode.  It opens with a rather creepy scene featuring a group of Jabawakee lookalikes in red masks and business attire with suitcases handcuffed to their arms.  The scene also include the severing of one of those arms by a woman named Akela Amador, who we find out is a former SHIELD agent and protege’ of Coulson.

It’s good to know that the show isn’t afraid to go dark once in awhile which I suspected they would in order to keep us on our toes.  This episode shines another light on a changed Coulson post Battle of New York.  This time it’s through the eyes of Akela who asks Melinda what SHIELD did to him.  To tell you the truth, I was expecting what happened to Akela would turn out to be the same thing that happened to Coulson.  Just less Dr. Evil like.


Many viewers have stated that the fight choreography haven’t been up to snuff, especially when comparing it to shows like Arrow and Nikita.  I’m inclined to agree as I didn’t fancy the fight between Melinda and Akela.  TV no longer have any excuses for staging inferior fights than those on the big screen.  The SHIELD showrunners should seriously invest in some great fight choreographers.  The baddassness of Melinda May deserves this.

Agent Ward gets to take the lead on an op to show why he’s the one to get things done.  The gun play witnessed here is quite satisfactory.  This scene brought me back to episodes of Alias.  I hope to see some more of these cool missions from the group.  Fitz-Simmons get the nasty task of playing operations on Akela to remove a potential exploding eye.  The actors managed to convey just how uncomfortable that was, given the fact that Akela had to be awake for that entire procedure.  Again, pretty dark stuff there.


The mysterious big bad organization from the premiere may possibly be back this time as the masterminds behind the heist of what may be an alien formula. Here’s hoping that it is alien. I want the group to deal with some more paranormal stuff instead of science gone wrong plot we’ve seen so far.  Except for episode two which had that Tesseract weapon from Hydra.

SHIELD is still on track as a great show in my book, and this episode solidifies my interest in seeing more adventures from the gang.  With ABC ordering a full season, my wish is granted for now.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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