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It’s unfortunate that every time I sit down to watch Agents of SHIELD, the negative comments of countless users and reviewers are running through my mind.  I ask myself will this episode have what they want, and after it’s done I ask “How could they not like this episode?”   I found myself asking that very same question after this one ended.   It’s a bad habit of mine that I wish would go away so I can enjoy this show that I love very much.  But it is frustrating reading the different comments about what they wish this show was, and how it references The Avengers too much. Well if the latter is your beef folks then this episode won’t win any brownie points from you.

This episode deals with the fallout from the Battle of NY with the group finding themselves investigating a virus caused by the helmet of one of the fallen Chitauri.  The virus causes the electricity in a body to rise and explode out through the head, leaving the body floating in mid air.  This was an emotional and focused episode as it featured heavily,the relationship between Fitz and Simmons who up until now have been mainly relegated to comic relief.  Elizabeth Henstridge did a terrific job of conveying Simmons race against her death.  With Whedon and crew notoriously known for killing off one of their main characters, I wondered if this was truly it for Simmonds.  Although I must say, it would have been quite early for them to off one of their characters.


This being set in the same universe as the Marvel films, one might ignorantly think the same production value might apply here.  It is still a TV show with a budget appropriate for television.  With that said, the save at the end involving Ward diving out of the plane to save Simmons was spectacular.  While it wasn’t as amazing like the same maneuver executed in Iron Man 3, for TV that was definitely above what is expected.

We also see Coulson still struggling with his near death experience in the Avengers.  We all know given what Maria Hill said in the pilot that there is more to Coulson’s return, but Melinda manages to convince Coulson that almost dying will change anyone and to just embrace it.  This also hints that Melinda may have gone through a similar experience.  Hopefully these mysteries aren’t too far off from being blown wide open.  Also making a welcome appearance in this episode is Agent Blake from the Marvel One-Shot Item 47.

Even though I said I’m trying not to do this but I’m gonna ask again.  “How could you not like this episode?”  I know this one at least went as far as to address the concerns that people had about Fitz and Simmons being short changed.  Another solid episode that indicate the series is getting much better than the pilot.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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