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Finally!!! Season three of the Game of Thrones is here and if book three is any indication, we are in for one awesome ride.  Because of the nature of the story, there was a lot of ground to cover in terms of introducing and reintroducing characters.  To keep things in order both for myself and you the readers, I will divide my review into sections based on location.


Beyond the Wall

We pick up were we left off last season with the White Walkers bearing down on Samwell.  Just as Samwell is about to become zombie dinner, he is rescued by the rest of the Night’s Watch.  Jon is taken to the king behind the wall, Mance Rayder (Ciarán Hinds) after killing his fellow brother in the Night’s Watch, Qhorin Half Hand.  Here we get a close look at a giant.  This season they will be pushing the supernatural element even further than they ever did before.  After an embarrassing moment of mistaking Tormund Giantsbane for Mance, Jon is grilled on why he wants to join the Wildlings.  Jon recounts his experience at Craster’s Keep, seeing babies sacrificed to the Walkers as his main reason for jumping ship. I would have liked to see more of Jon’s storyline but it’s understandable given the amount of story to cover.


King’s Landing

Oh poor Tyrian.  He longs for his father’s affection but can’t seem to pull it out of him.  Before visiting his father, his sister and would be assassin, Cersei visit’s him to gain knowledge of what he’s going to tell their father.  It’s good to see Tyrion back on his “A” game with his wits.  Another element that I’m glad to see back is the ‘bromance’ between Tyrion and his sellsword Bronn.  Through Bronn we get our first nude scene as he attempts to bed a prostitute only to be interrupted by Podrick at Tyrion’s behest (Damn you, Tyrion!!!).   When Tyrion visits his father Tywin, we are reminded that he is in fact a  bastard after seeing a different side to him during his interactions with Arya last season.  Tywin refuses to give Tyrion there ancestral home of Casterly Rock rather harshly.  You even saw the welling up of Tyrions eyes as the acidic words of Tyrion’s worth came out of Tywin’s mouth.  Margaery makes her power move by embracing the orphans of King’s Landing.  A move that Cersei isn’t too happy with, but funny enough Joffrey is quite intrigued by.  Margaery is definitely one to watch as she vies for the throne beside Joffrey.




Davos survived the battle of Blackwater from last season and is rescued by salladhor saan’s who warns him that Stanis has been wreck since the battle.  It seems Melisandre has been burning non believers and barring anyone from visiting Stanis.  Despite warning, Davos visits Stanis and openly confronts Melisandre only to be thrown in the dungeons.



Another Stark brother receives a small scene involving Rob taking his soldiers to Harrenhal.  He’s accompanied by Lord Bolton and his mother who he quickly throws in a cell for freeing Jaimie last season.  Again, I wish I could have spent more time with Rob, but I will await the Rob Stark centric episode if there is one to come.


The Narrow Seas

Oh Boy, Dragons!!!  They are getting bigger and deadlier and I like it.  Danaerys is her Dothraki followers are on her way to Astopor to gain soldiers in the form of the Unsullied.  The scene of the Unsullied master showing his goods off to Dany while using his interpreter was my favorite scene in the book and I’m glad it made it into the show as is.  The master throws insults in his native tongue while Missandei cleans it up for Dany’s sake.  Dany’s life is also threaten while in Astopor by the the warlocks, who sends a miniature warlock to kill her.  That was one scary looking scorpion that was use to try and kill her.  She’s rescued by Sir Barristan Selmy who we haven’t seen since season 1.

Absent from this episode are Arya, Bran, Brianne.  The ground they covered in this episode still made for a solid television experience and I will be looking forward to more supernatural elements showing up.  But as good as this episode was, it serves as an example that a marathon viewing of this show is the best way to experience Game of Thrones.  Nothing significant to further the plot happened but it was a great reintroduction to Westoros.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Good

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