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When I’m not checking out the latest film at the movie theater or getting my game on with some PS3, 360 or PC action, I’m watching some seriously good television.  The are so many good shows on TV, I’m actually getting worried that I may not be able to check them all out like I used to in the past.  Needless to say that no matter how busy my days become, I don’t foresee myself dropping some essentials in TV land.  As for 2012, there are some new and some returning shows that has my hand itching for the TV remote.


5.  The River

Channel:  ABC

Air Date:  February 7, 2012

Steven Spielberg has been on a role lately with genre television programming.  Last year saw successes like Falling Skies and Terror Nova.  This year he will unleash The River, a  paranormal/adventure/horror series about a famed explorer named Dr. Emmet Cole, who disappears in the Amazon.  It is left up to his wife and son, along with a documentary film crew to mount a rescue.  The show is shot documentary style like The Blair Witch Project.  The project was heavily sought after, causing a bidding war between NBC and ABC in September 2010, with ABC eventually out-bidding.  I hope this show is as scary as the trailers make it look.


4.  Alcatraz


Channel:  FOX

Air Date:  January 16, 2012

J.J. Abrams is back at it again.  There have been a struggle for to television to replace the hole left by Lost, another Abrams production.  Fringe is close in terms of mystery but it lacks the popularity that Lost had.  Abrams’ new show Alcatraz is looking to take up that challenge.  This month will see the 2-hour premiere which will see a Detective (Sarah Jones) and an Alcatraz expert (Jorge Garcia) investigating a homicide case that involves a prisoner who supposedly died in the famed prison decades ago.  The show brings with it the mystery that Abrams and his collaborators are known for.  Let us see if it will be as popular and as discussed as Lost once was.


3.  Breaking Bad

Channel:  AMC

Air Date:  Q4 2012

I resisted the urge to watch this show for a long time despite all the rave reviews it was garnering.  I think because I would have to do four seasons of catching up and I would have to find time to do that.  Somehow the stars aligned and I found my self with an open window to take them all in.  Man was I wrong in staying away from this show.  Seriously, every show had me thinking, ‘What’s going to happen to Walt?’  The end of each episode felt like a season finale because of their cliffhanger endings.  Season 4 was the best season yet.  It was like a game of chess with Walt and Guss trying to out do each other.  I’m excited to see how deeper into the world of crime will Walt fall in Season 5.  The plan is to make season 5 the final season with 16 episodes instead of the standard 13.  That’s more Meth cooking for me.


2.  Game of Thrones

Channel:  HBO

Air Date:  April 2012

What a surprise the first season was for the masses who didn’t read the books.  It was like watching a rated R version of the Lord of the Rings.  We got to see be-headings, nudity and all the elements that would be in a fantasy story.  The fans of the books also gave it the seal of approval so we know the show is staying true to the source material.  My only concern is how are they going to able to provide the budget to deal with dragons and huge battle without looking cheesy.  Despite what HBO’s slogan says, it’s still TV after all.  I also want to know how many seasons will pass before we get to see an all out war with the ‘White Walkers’.  I haven’t read the books and I don’t think i plan on doing that so I’m in the dark on the on goings of Westeros. 


1.  Spartacus: Vengeance

Channel:  Starz

Air Date:  January 27, 2012

When star Andy Whitefield was diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma, the fate of the Spartacus being renewed was up in the air.  Starz created a prequel for the show in hopes of allowing Andy to recover.  Sadly, Andy’s relapse and subsequent death called for the role of Spartacus to be recast.  Now one knows if newcomer Liam McIntyre will capture the same magic that Andy did but one thing is for certain, there will be enough blood, sex and foul mouthed warriors to satisfy me for 13 episodes.  It was a struggle to decide if this or Game of Thrones belonged in the number one spot.  Both show offer the same amount of sex, violence and intrigue.  It all came down to which show had the most surprises in a season and Spartacus wins hands down.

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