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After the insane events that occurred in episode 4, the next couple of episodes sort of took it a bit easy, while still giving us something exciting to chew on (Heh, saw what I did there?… No.  Okay moving on).  This episode however picks up the pace as Michonne arrives at the prison with the baby’s formula.  Maggie and Glen as been captured and brought to Woodbury for some serious interrogation.  As each episode roll by, we see more and more of how sadistic the Governor can get.  He may not bring physical terror to his enemies, but a just as effective emotional terror as well.  What he did to Maggie in this episode was bordering on some despicable Joffrey action in Game Of Thrones.  Having her strip her top off was hard to watch.  For a moment there I thought he was going to take it further but when he didn’t I found myself breathing again.  Glen was certainly no pushover in this episode as he endured Merle’s physical tortures without breaking.  We also get to see Glen’s most bad ass moment as Merle sets a zombie after him and manages to take it out within a couple of minutes while still tied to a chair.  He certainly gain some respect from some of the Governor’s crew as one of them comments about Glen’s toughness in killing the zombie.  The Governor eventually gets the whereabouts of the group from Maggie by threatening to kill Glen in front of her.

Back at the prison, Michonne as to take out a few zombies with a gun shot wound to the leg before getting rescued by Carl and Rick.  I remarked a while back that Michonne was too revealing about her suspicions of the Governor and Woodbury.  I get it, she’s a cautious person and it has kept her alive so far.  But sometimes she has to go into chill mode, and allow people to help her.  She obviously saw from Glen and Maggie’s interaction that these people might be on the kind side.  She also witnessed how the group reacted when it was revealed that Carol was alive.  The looked like a family that cared for each other.  But those darn walls of hers just won’t come down.  Oh Well.  Rick does some interrogating of his own. Albeit a less despicable one.  He gets the knowledge of Glen and Maggie’s whereabouts and who they will be up against.  I found it curious that Michonne about Merle looking for Daryl, but I guess I can chalk that one up to her still being cautious,  You never know where Daryl’s loyalty may lie.

Then there is Andrea, who seems to be falling for the wrong guy yet again.  I’ve heard fans of the comic express their displeasure over her portrayal in the show, in that she was a stronger character on print while her live action counterpart is without an identity.  I on the other hand am not too harsh on her mainly because I know where she’s coming from.  She had to kill her sister and I think in someways she is still dealing with that fact.  Granted it is a long time ago, but I’m sure once she figures out the kind of man The Governor is and Shane was, she will emerge a stronger character.  She was tasked in helping Milton with his zombie experiment.  He wanted to know if after transformation, did they retain any of there former self.  Andrea was on her toes however, as she knows a walkers first and foremost instinct is to lunge for the attack.  That knife to the head that Andrea delivered was Milton’s salvation.  I say this is the beginning of Andrea’s growth as a character.  Of course I may be wrong.

Rick gathered up a handful of the group which includes Daryl and Michonne to go on a rescue mission.  They get ambushed along the way by a horde of zombies.  I noticed a look on Michonne’s face as the group was dealing some killing blows to the walkers.  It looked like she was saying “I could definitely roll with these guys.”  It looks like it took some good old fashioned zombie killing to let her guard down.  It was rather random how they found a house in the middle of the forest and finds a guy and his dead dog hold up in it.  The guy seemed to have no clue as to what was going with the world.  How did he manage to survive this long in ignorance in the middle of zombie hell hole?  We witness a moment of desperate times calling for desperate measures as the random guy threatens the safety of the group and gets a sword through the back for it.  They then used his body for decoy as the threw it to the hungry horde so they can make a quick escape.

The episode ends with Rick and the crew right outside of the gates of Woodbury.  It’s too bad that I have to wait for next week to see the ultimate showdown as we reach the mid season finale.  This episode increased the tension factor from the last few episodes and gets me excited to see Rick and the Governor meet for the first time.  Another solid entry for season 3.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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