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I just love it when a show is able to keep its momentum set from the previous episode, and that’s just what this week’s episode of The Walking Dead did.  We pick up right were we left off after Rick hacked Hershel’s zombie bitten leg off.  We find out that there are inmates who survived and we wondered if they would be friend or foe.  Well the answer is a bit of both as we see a bit of an antagonistic relationship building between Rick and the new group’s leader, Tomas.  Apparently these inmates have been stuck in a cafeteria for ten months and are oblivious to fact that the world around them has gone to hell.

After a tense Mexican standoff, Rick decides to help the inmates clear out a cell block for themselves in exchange for half their rations.  This is actually what I’m loving about this season so far in that they are in a prison that is crawling with zombies throughout its structure.  It’s ironic that the safest place for them to be right now is in the heart of a zombie infestation.

The other tense plot going on this this episode is whether Hershel would survive.  Rick tells Glen to stand guard just in case Hershel dies, Glen would have the honor of taking him down.  Maggie seems content in letting her father go as she gives him the death bed speech, telling him its ok to stop fighting and that she would take care of Beth.  I’m not sure if this was the show runners’ intention, but I felt mostly terrified than sad during her speech because I kept thinking that any minute he could just grab her and start munching.  The episode however did deliver that jump scare when Lori attempted to resuscitate Hershel after he stopped breathing.

Speaking of Lori, the writers seems like they want to redeem the character after the ratchet job they did with her last season.  She freely admitted to Rick that she has been a terrible wife and mother which a lot of fans thought by the end of last season.  Rick seems to be keeping his distance from Lori, not fully letting her back into his life.

And what has to be the creepiest moment in the show since Rick and Glen rubbed zombie entrails over themselves, is Carol acquiring an undead to practice a C-section on.  This show is just raw.   That’s all I will say about that.  Oh, and someone from outside the prison seems to be spying on her while she practices.  The show brilliantly decided to take what could be another chilling moment of zombie killing and made it hilarious when the inmates decided to give the zombies some good old fashion prison shiving.  Some may be taken a back by the sudden tonal shift but I dug it.

The thing to really notice about this episode is just how much like Shane Rick is becoming.  As reluctant as Rick is being in turning this dark, he is quickly realizing that he will have to resort to drastic measure to protect the group.  Rick could see from the beginning that Tomas would be trouble and that sooner or later he would have to be removed from the equation.  Sooner came pretty quickly as Tomas pushed a Zombie against Rick in an attempt to “accidentally” execute him.  Rick responed to this gross violation of their treaty with a machete to Tomas’ head.  Another inmate decides to run for it.  I kinda wanted to Rick to let this guy go, but maybe he was right to thinking that he could be a loose canon that could blow up if left unchecked.  Rick leaves him to zombies for a nice meal.  Only two of the inmates remain and Rick exiles them to their own cell block, threatening them to never show up on their side again.  Will we see them again?  I guess time will tell.

Hershel survives the day and it looks like life as an undead won’t be a factor for him.  Looks like Rick’s quick thinking prevented him from turning.  Carl’s is really stepping out as the ultimate survivor as he found the infirmary by himself and while taking out two zombies.  With someone from the outside spying on the groups activities, quite life in the prison will have to be postponed a little longer.

Rating: ★★★★☆  Great


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