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Wow…. Just Wow.  Am I allowed to just say that and just leave it?  No?  Ok, ok I’ll tell you more about what I thought.  The first thing to notice is that the opening minutes of the episode had no dialog at all.  We see the precision killing of the walkers to clear out a house.  I was surprise to see Lori that far along in her pregnancy, which told us that some time has passed since last season’s finale.  How great was the scene when Carl is about to open a can of dog food only to have Rick take it from him and throw it away?  The scene shows that no matter how desperate their situation is, they won’t stoop so low as to eat dog food.  Speaking of Carl, the world has made him harder and more of an effective killing machine as he takes out zombies without hesitation.

After they leave the house realizing that more zombies are on the way, they finally get to the prison that we saw at the end of the last episode.  My question is, how come it took them 9 months to get to the prison when it looked so close to them when we saw it?  Also, it would have been cool to see how zombies deal with the winter.

Anyway, as great as the scene was with the gang clearing out the house of zombies, clearing out the prison was even better.  A couple of key things to notice is Rick’s behavior towards Lori.  He seems very stand off-ish.  It’s either due to her initial reaction towards him when she found out what he did to Shane, or the fact that Shane could be the father of the child.  It hasn’t been made clear as yet.  Also, it seems that Carol and Daryl are starting to get a little bit flirty with the sex jokes.  I’m sure we all called that one from last season.

The moment when Beth sings for the group around the camp fire was particularly sweet, and also strange considering they were surrounded by the undead.  The group decides to go further into the prison which led to them battling zombies in riot gear.  That’s right folks.  Riot gear.  Granted it was difficult for the zombies to bite them with masks on, but it was tasking for the gang to find a kill spot on them.  Maggie justly celebrated when she took one out by stabbing it under the chin.  The zombie kills in this episode are among the best I’ve seen in not only the show, but other zombie properties as well.

One of the biggest addition to the cast this season is Michonne (Danai Gurira), and we get to see her in action as she takes out some walkers with her sweet katana blade.  The advantage that the nine month jump gives us that we get to see how close Michonne and Andrea have gotten.  Andrea is not doing to well as it seems that the flu has taken a hold of her.  Michonne refuses to abandon her even though Andrea wants her to.  I can’t wait to get the story on the zombies she has chained up like dogs.

Back at the prison, Rick an crew decides to press their luck even further by clearing out the insides of the prison to make it a permanent home.  Easier said than done as it requires them to traverse in the dark and take out more flesh eaters.  talk about tense.  The group suffers a potential casualty as Hershel gets bitten on the leg.  Even though I saw it coming, it still scared the bleep out of me.  What’s even more gruesome is Rick’s solution in preventing an infection by hacking of Hershel’s leg.  Holy Christ on a biscuit that was brutal.  What’s also shocking is that they aren’t the only survivors in the prison.  Are these guys gonna be friends or foes?  My money is on the latter.

Terrific start to the season so far.  And if all the episode are at least as good if not better, then we are in for one hell of a season.

Rating: ★★★★½ Great


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