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AMC’s The Walking Dead is a on a massive role by garnering viewers in large quantities that are usually reserved for the broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, etc.  The season premiere was the highest rated cable show in history, getting over 10 million viewers to watch some zombie massacre.  The mid-season finale pulled in a total of 15.2 million viewers, shattering its own record.

The ratings for this show is even higher than most shows on broadcast TV.  Broadcast networks are in danger of losing talented show creators to cable.  Gone are the days where the prestige came from having a show on the big ‘five’.  Must creators wants the big guns like HBO and to some extent since Spartacus and Boss, STARZ.  Now they’ll even settle for AMC, FX, even MTV (Teen Wolf got a 24 episode order for next season).  I have been saying this for awhile now, and seeing these numbers makes me even more confident in my stance.

When television was born, many criticized that it would be the downfall of cinema.  It took almost 100 years but I am starting to think this may be true.  Although I think the cinema experience still has its strengths and I don’t foresee it going anywhere, television does provide a worthy and cheaper alternative with the quality of stories being told on the medium.  Hooray for TV.

The Walking Dead will return next year February.  I anticipate that the number of viewers will increase on the mid-season premiere.


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