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Before I get to the awesomeness that was the mid season finale, I have to address “quota” for black characters this show seems to have.  Fan favorite from the comics, Tyrese gets introduced in in this episode.  But as soon as he comes in, Oscar goes out, same as T Dog before him.  I am sure this is something the show runners will have to deal with from fans and journalists alike for sometime to come.  Especially if they continue down this path.  I’m curious to know what the writers were thinking or if they where even aware of it when they wrote the scenes.  They are quite a number of black people in the world.  Granted this is a zombie filled world but still…  I think the show should be allowed to have as much characters of different races without having to deal with a quota.  I just hope this “quota” thinking is just in our imaginations and not an actual thing from the producers.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.  This episode never slowed down for me to catch my breath.  I starting to wonder if I breathed at all during the duration of the show.  Last episode we left of with Rick’s group at the gates of Woodbury.  Maggie and Glen are in captivity, but continuing to show just quick of a thinker Glen is, he fashions a weapon out the arm of a dead zombie.  For a show that involve infected walking monsters, the character a mighty liberal about making contact with the blood and guts of a zombie.  For instance, if in the process of using the zombie bone to kill with your bare hands, and you cut your hands in the process and get some blood from the bone in, wouldn’t that turn you into a walking dead as well?  Maybe I’m over thinking it.  Besides, we got an awesome shot of Maggie jamming one of her captives in the neck.

Michonne helps Rick and the gang sneak in, but disappears to find Andrea.  She ends up in the Governors office, waiting silently like the samurai she is to take him out of the game.  The moment she stepped in that room, I knew it was the end for Penny, the Governor’s zombiefied daughter.  We got to see a one of the best one on one fight scene in the show when we finally see a showdown between Michonne and the Governor.  I liked how the zombie heads were used as potential weapon, as the Governor tried to get Michonne close enough to get bitten by one.  Mishonne gets the last hit as rams a shard of a broken glass in the his eye.  It would have been the end of of him if Andrea hadn’t walked in.

Andrea has not been making fans from the comic readers and show watchers alike, as bad decisions seem to be a constant for her.  Many where hoping that she would see her former group and come to her senses, but the Governor was constantly telling her to stay away from the battle to prevent such events from happening.  The look on Michonne’s face when Andrea held the gun to her said it all.  Andrea was a lost cause.

Daryl had a small dilemma after rescuing Glen and Maggie and finding out his brother Merle as alive.  Just like Merle was asked where his loyalties lie, so was Daryl asked by Rick when he told him he needed him.  Just to be a geek for a second, Rick and Daryl are reminding me of Cyclops and Wolverine.  Before they split up anyway.  Daryl of course is loyal and very military like, lays cover fire for the group to make their escape.  I just love how Woodbury became a war zone with Rick’s group showing just how formidable they are.  And how much was a shock to see Shane in this episode aiming a gun at Rick.  Ok, so it was just Rick hallucinating again but still, it was a surprise to see actor Jon Bernthal appear for that one scene.

Back at the prison, Carl has been left in charge of the group.  We are introduced to some creepiness from Axel when he hits on 17 year old Beth.  Carol  intervenes right on schedule.  Despite his creepiness, Axel did make me chuckle after he found out that Carol wasn’t a lesbian despite her short hair.  We get to see how much of a baddass Carl has become when he hears screaming.  That amazing silencer on his fire arm gets me every time.  Carl meets up with Tyrese’s group and provide cover fire for their rescue.  Although Carl saves them, he still shows caution by separating them from his group by lock the cells.  Tyrese plays it smart by showing his understandin, recognizing what the have now is better than what they had in months.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor gathers the citizens after their defeat for a rally car for vengeance.  There he names Merle as a traitor after lying to him in last weeks episode that he killed Michonne.  He even gave him the reunion with his brother that he longed for.  Now that Andrea has seen Daryl, how will her point of view of Woodbury change.  Unfortunately we will have to wait until next year Feburary to find out.

Other that the hiccup with Oscar after Tyrese’s introduction, this episode was phenomenal.  We are at the halfway point of season 3 and is turning out to be the best season yet.

Rating: ★★★★½ Great


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