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Am I dreaming?  Did what just happen in episode four of season three of The Walking Dead really happened?  I’ve often used the word intense when reviewing an episode of the show.  That word just isn’t strong enough to apply to the sh!t storm that rained down on our heroes in the “Killer Within”

I’m going to start with everything that happened in Woodbury because frankly, that plotline was completely overshadowed by what happen at the prison.  Michonne is up to her usual suspicious self as she inspects the bullet holes on the convoy that The Governor and his crew brought in last episode.  I always feel uneasy when characters tip their hats too much.  I feel Michonne is doing just that in this and previous episodes.  Reign in that suspicion a little bit woman, you’re making it too obvious.

But while Michonne is itching to get out of Woodbury, Andrea is showing some reluctance.  She is getting closer with The Governor who reveals his first name to her.  Something he swore he would never do.  Of course all that could be a ruse to get Andrea’s guard down which seems to be working.  Andrea also decides to give Merle some info on his brother’s whereabouts.  Merle has definitely changed since the first season.  Although his change may not make him any less dangerous.  Merle seeks the Governors permission to look for his brother but he was denied until he can find stronger evidence that Daryl is alive.  So for now the Woodbury story seems to be about setting up, as nothing heavy happened over there.

So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this episode which is the events that occurred in the prison.  Well it seems we were wrong in assuming that someone outside of the prison was spying on the group.  As it turns out, it was the prisoner that Rick chased down and left for dead for the Walkers to munch on.  He decides to get his revenge by letting in some walkers into the prison and turning the alarms on.  What began as a quiet and sweet moment with Hershel testing out his walking sticks, quickly became a disastrous event as group gets separated while trying to take down zombies.

The first “OH NO!!” moment came when T-Dog got bitten.  Ever since Hershel got bitten and Rick saved him by hacking his leg off, we felt hope that a zombie bite isn’t the end of it all.  Depending on where you are bitten of course.  But the fact that T-Dog was bitten on his shoulder spelled ultimate doom for him.  Many sited that last season there wasn’t much for him to do other than react to whatever was the situation.  Was this the show runners’ solution to the problem by killing him off.? I hope not.  Either way though, it was an effective death as he sacrificed himself to save Carol.  In a way, his death was telegraphed, as he was the only member of the group who was willing to accept the remaining two prisoners into the group.

The second “Oh No!!” moment came from not only the death of Lori, but also from the moment that she went into labor.  She along with Carl and Maggie head down to the boiler room to avoid the zombies.  It’s left to Maggie to deliver the baby via c-section.  A procedure that given the circumstances will surely kill Lori.  I cringed when I saw that slice to her stomach. It was a heart breaking scene as she is forced to say goodbye to Carl.  Carl has had to do some serious growing up,  especially in this season.  I think his boyhood has been completely shattered with having to shoot his mom in the head.  It was an effective moment when they showed a flashback of Rick talking to Carl when he still had some of his innocence left.  Right before he had to put one in is mother’s head.

Rick and the gang mowed through some zombies to get to the back-up generator to shut down the alarm.  That’s when Rick gets attacked by the prisoner behind the catastrophe.  What makes his sabotage of the prison even more senseless is, after getting rid of our heroes, what would have been his next move?  Fight off the zombies by himself?  His statement to his fellow inmate was that they could take back the prison.  His plan was not fully thought out.  I thought a bullet to the brain was not enough justice for the stupidity that he displayed.  At least the event did show that the two prisoners are trustworthy to join the group.  Too bad they had to lose two to gain two.

The most heart breaking moment came at the end as Rick sees Carl, Maggie and the baby without Lori.  I teared up as Rick breaks down over his loss.  When he looks at Carl, you can see that he is crying for the both of them.

This episode really destroyed me.  I can safely say I have never had an hour of television quite like this.  This felt like a season finale when it is only the fourth episode with 8 more to go.  Let’s hope they can keep up the quality for the remainder of the season.

Rating: ★★★★★  Excellent


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