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This is the episode that turns Daryl in to Rambo.  He is now officially my favorite character of the series.  It’s funny… When we first heard of the character before seeing him, we thought the worst.  Being that he was the brother of that racist nut-job Merle.  With the addition of this episode and last, Daryl is portrayed differently than his brother.  He still has some of that ‘red neck’ mentality, but he is far more wiser and sympathetic than Merle.  I’ll talk more on Daryl later.

The episode begins with a flashback sequence with Shane, Lori and Carl stuck in traffic on the highway, trying to evacuate the city.  We also  get to see Carol, Sofia and her now dead husband in what seems to be their first meeting.  I like when the episodes start with a short flashback.  It gives you certain insights into various characters, relationships and the current predicament our heroes now face.  This one was especially effective in that we get to see the military napalming the city after the outbreak.

The search for Sofia continues in this episode, and i’ts beginning to cause increasing  dissension between Rick and  Shane.  During a walk in the woods, Shane question Rick’s ability to make the hard decisions.  And in this case, abandon the search for Sofia and move on which Rick is unwilling to do.  Shane is getting to be more of an asshole since he shot Otis and left him to be eaten by the gang of walkers.  He especially looks the part now with that new hair cut of his.  There’s something about his haircut that makes me want to deck him.  Call me crazy I guess.

We have Glen still flying high of his roll in the hay (pun intended) with the farmer’s daughter, Maggie.  The only thing that’s on his mind is when he would be able to repeat the experience.  Not even Dale’s voice of disapproval could dampen his spirits.  Although Maggie was a bit harsh when she said “You see eleven condoms, I see eleven minutes of my life I’m never getting back.”  Wow, really?  Ouch.

Speaking of the farmer… He is getting a little testy with Rick when he, without the farmer’s knowledge went out to search for Sofia.  That guy clearly has something to hide.  He warns Maggie not to get close to anyone because they wont be staying long.  Mmmmmm… Maggie…  Sorry, what was I saying?  Lori is in a bit of a pickle now that she is pregnant with no idea if the father is Rick or Shane.  Sorry Lori, but I think Maury Povic is a zombie by now.

Now lets talk about Daryl, the star of this episode.  He gets thrown from his horse, impaled by his own arrow and then attacked by two walkers.  On top of all that, the bastard survives.  Barely, I might add.  Talk about surviving in the wild.  Daryl cuts himself open a dead possum(?) to eat. And might I add, he ate it raw. *Shivers*  Daryl gets some major pep talk from spirit Merle.  Daryl’s anger towards the spirit pushes him to survive.


It looks like this season the creators are looking to make Andrea the annoying character who doesn’t listen to anyone.  After barely surviving the woods, Daryl strolls out all bloodied and pale, almost looking like a walker.  After everyone tells Andrea not to shoot, she ends up grazing Daryl’s head with a shot gun bullet.  The writers better start making this character stronger or fans are gonna wish for her to be the next zombie platter in the group.


As for the secret that we suspect the farmer of keeping.  It turns out he has a barn full of zombies.  My guess is, they’re family members that have turned and he is holding out for a cure for them rather than killing them.   Too bad it was Glen who discovered the ugly truth while hoping to get some second helpings of Maggie. 

This episode was solid with Daryl’s story being the strongest out of all of them.  Especially the scene of Carol kissing the bed ridden Daryl on the cheek for all he is doing to help find Sofia, stating that he has done more for her than her father ever did.  Touching I tell you.  Very touching.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  • girlblabsalot44

    youre silly. thanks for the chuckles. saw this episode and i agree it was pretty solid. but this series is one of the best on tv.

    my question is what was the whole thing about chuppacobra (sp)?

    • Mark Bridge

      I have no what that is. Imaginary Merle said something about it to Daryl when he was trying to climb the cliff