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Spartacus is now heading to that territory where everything is extremely grey.  No longer can we look at Spartacus’ rebellion as righteous when we can clearly see that if the Romans were all under the boot heels of the freed slaves, they would act in the same manor.  Case in point, when Crixus tells the two enslaved Romans to battle it out for a piece of moldy bread.  I’m still trying to figure it out if this is a brilliant move on the writers behalf, or are they losing the spirit of what made the show great, where we could sympathize with Spartacus’ rebellion.  With that said, I am however enjoying so far seeing that Spartacus and his men aren’t a well oiled machine as we saw in the season premiere.  Another conclusion I can make after seeing this episode is that Naevia has some serious post traumatic issues that still has not been resolved.  So far those issues caused her to chop a man’s hand who may or may not have been reaching for a sword, and it has also caused her to kill a man that by the end of the episode was revealed not to have been the cause of missing Romans.  If she doesn’t get those emotions in check, they could prove catastrophic to the cause.


Another scene or a collection of scenes I wasn’t sure how to feel about, was when the slave girl that Gannicus rescued began to creepily stalk him.  Gannicus’ aggressive girlfriends spotted this long distance admiration and decides to take her into his bed chamber for offering.  The way the slave girl stated that she wanted to show her gratitude made it a little bit okay for me knowing that she consented.  But when it came to crunch time she acted like an unwilling participant, making me feel like a dirty old pervert for wanting to see it happen.  I mean, where was that confidence she had earlier.  In the end Gannicus saw her hesitation and sent her away, telling her to stay away from him and men like him in a later scene.  She is pretty, so I kinda hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.

The main storyline in this week saw a group of pirates who had dealings with Laeta’s now deceased husband.  Spartacus contemplates resuming those deals for provisions for the city that he now occupies.  But they are pirates after all, so being untrustworthy comes with the territory. Spartacus decides to chance it however, which quite frankly could have ended very badly for him and his crew.


Which leads us to Tiberius.  There was no Crassus in this episode which is a shame, so for the most part we had to contend with Tiberius.  Even Achilles — I mean, Ceasar was dispatched early in the episodes.  He received news that Spartacus has taken one of their cities.  Tiberious decides against his fathers wishes to to march on to face Spartacus.  In doing this, he provided a common enemy for the pirates and Spartacus, causing them to unite and defeat the Roman soldiers and inuring Tiberius in the process.

How long will the rebellion last when so many different variables are against Spartacus.  Even some of his own doing.  Such as releasing Laeta to freely walk about the city and tend to the enslaved.  As it turns out, she is the culprit behind the missing slaves.  I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to find out how this all turns out.  Another solid episode even though there was no Crassus.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Good

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