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Long time Lucasfilm producer, Rick McCallum sat down with IGN to talk about the still in development, Star Wars TV show.  According to McCallum, over 50 scripts have been written so far and the working title is Star Wars: Underworld.  The name is based on the fact that the story focuses more on the gangs and the seedy side of the universe.

The folks at Lucasfilms are waiting for technology to improve so they can have the same production values they had on the films, on TV.  What’s also interesting is what McCallum said about actually getting this thing on TV.  He sates that they could easily shop this to HBO and get this thing made for $8 Million an episode.  The only problem with that is, HBO would require a hefty share of the worldwide rights and of coarse we all know that LUCAS DOES NOT SHARE RIGHTS!!!

So for now it’s just a waiting game for technology to catch up.  Check out the full interview down below.

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