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With all the rumblings going on with new Star Wars films coming in the near future, I decided to to take this time to speak on one particular character in the Star Wars universe, Ahsoka Tano  Plus predict what the future holds for her.  Since her introduction in the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, she quickly became a fan favorite.  She was introduces as the Padawan learner of Anakin Skywalker and later a formidable Jedi on her own.  The writers of the show changed her physical appearance over time, as she went from a young skinny pre-teen to quite an attractive young adult.  Being such a huge presence in the cartoon begs the question all of us fans have – Will Ahsoka die in the duration of the show?  Given that she is never mentioned in any of the films or other Expanded Universe (EU) materials, this is a valid question to ask.

Other than death, some predicts that she leaves the Jedi Order before the clone war ends, either through self exile, or she turns to the dark side.  Before season four of the clone wars, we saw from trailers, her fighting Anakin ,and her eyes indicating that she has become a Sith.  But that theory was put to rest when the actual episode aired, and we found out that it was just a possession.  That however doesn’t mean the possibility of her turning to the dark side is out of the question.  It just seems that since they already played near that well, they might decide to go a different route with her.  So what is my theory on the matter?  Well bear with me cause it’s a doozy.

I mentioned her popularity because it plays into my theory on what will happen to her by the end of The Clone Wars series.  First thing I will say is that looking around the web, I have not seen anyone predicting carbonite freezing.  The first time we saw this happen was when Vader froze Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.  I won’t pretend that I’m up on all things Star Wars related, but I’m pretty sure this happens again at least once in the Star Wars EU.  If not, why couldn’t it happen to Ahsoka?  Well you probably will say if that was the case, Anakin would have spent Episode 3 wondering where she was.  In that case, whoever decides to freeze her, would also make it look like she was dead.

So why am I hung up on this new carbonite theory?  Three words: “The New Trilogy”.  Other than seeing the new generation of Jedi’s, we are mostly talking about seeing Luke and the gang back.  I’m all for seeing those guys back again, but what about someone popular for the prequel saga.  Ahsoka is one such character that could unite the fans that cherish the old trilogy with the fans that were introduced the saga with the new films, as well as the cartoon.

Which brings me to an expansion of my theory.  What if she was frozen so she can hide an artifact, or to stop the events that will occur in the new trilogy.  If you take the fact that The Clone Wars TV show has to end at season 6, maybe 7, then the last season could act as a sort of prequel to the new trilogy as well as the old. The events of that season could hint at things to come in the new films.  And with her being frozen, her youth would be preserved so we could still see a familiar Ahsoka in the future films.  We will also get to see her in live action for the first time which I for one would love to see.

Well that’s my crack pot theory of which I have no concrete evidence to back it up with.  I will admit that it’s mostly wishful thinking on my part, and hope that this is something other fans would love to see.  So does anybody else want to see Ahsoka in the new trilogy?  Sound off below.


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  • I really like your wishful thinking, actually. Lucas can totally take advantage of Ahsoka’s immense popularity in the upcoming Star Wars movies.

    I’m sensing also that whatever happens to her in the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Lux Bonteri will play a huge role in it. I found it interesting when Lux was presented as her love interest: she’s facing the same challenge that Anakin did with Padme. Anakin’s choice to be with Padme is hugely instrumental to his fall to the dark side, so Ahsoka’s decision with her feelings for Lux can also determine her fate

    . As of the end of the Onderon arc, it’s clear Ahsoka has feelings for Lux, but so far nothing develops yet and Lux doesn’t seem to see Ahsoka that way (with the exception of the first time they met, when he TOTALLY checked her out from head to toe in season 3). So, I’m curious of what will happen the next time those two meet. Will Ahsoka let her emotions win the way Anakin did with his, should Lux likes her too? Will she stay true to the Jedi Code? Or maybe leaves the Order to be with Lux b/c she gives in to her love for him, but doesn’t want to dishonor the Code?

    • Hey Neal. Glad you liked my wild theory. Actually I never thought of Lux being a part of Ahsoka’s fate. Good call on that one. I really hope my wish comes true though. I would love to see her in a live action capacity.

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