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The television upfront presentations are beginning, and this year is turning out to already be one hell of a bloodbath. On ABC, we’ve lost Malibu Country, so my Reba fix will have to be sated elsewhere, dramas Red Widow and Body of Proof, as well as Family Tools, which was quite hilarious but simply did not have enough viewers for ABC to give a damn.

On cable, we’ve lost the great Southland, which ended its run with one of the strongest episodes it ever aired; at least it went out with a bang. Meanwhile, the upcoming seventh season of Burn Notice will now officially be its final year, but at least it lived a long, healthy life.

Then we have NBC. Community is a fine show that nobody watches, but it’s been somewhat lost this season, unable to decide whether it wants to be a silly Seinfeld-esque ensemble comedy, or go full-on Night Court with its cartoon antics and fantasy elements (I prefer the outrageousness which has been lacking this season). Whatever the case may be, NBC might actually be on the verge of renewing the cult (viewer-less) show. Surely the situation has nothing to do with getting a hundred episodes for a nice syndication deal. Expect a shorter season to close out the show.

NBC… NBC, NBC, NBC. NBC, the network which kept Joey on the air for two joyless seasons, has decided to cancel Go On. Starring Matthew Perry in front of an ensemble that included Julie White and John Cho, Go On was my favorite show on NBC last year, as well as my favorite comedy of the year, but its ratings were unable to recover from being separated by its The Voice lead-in, and NBC decided to pull the plug.

Other NBC comedies to get the axe include Guys With Kids, Whitney, The New Normal, and Smash, which was only a comedy of the unintentional variety. Elsewhere, ABC’s wonderful twenty-somethings comedy Happy Endings was also let go, but the show may yet be picked up by USA to be paired with Modern Family reruns.

Still, cancellation time does have a silver lining; now you’re all as miserable as I am all the time.

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