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Since Game of Thrones debuted on HBO, it has been a hit with both fans of the book and new comers to the saga.  It even turn some fans of show into fans of the book (myself included)  The only thing frustrating for me and maybe others out there is that because each season seems to be a ten episode order, not much story from the books can be told. Especially now that we know season 3 will only cover maybe half of book 3.  HBO however, has decided to appease us a bit by making each episode a little longer and also making the season finale over an hour long.

One of the show runners, D.B. Wies has this to say about the increase:

“There’s almost another full episode’s worth of extra minutes spread across the season,” Weiss says. “One of the great liberties with HBO is we’re not forced to come in at a specific time. We can’t be under 50 minutes or over 60, but that gives us a lot of flexibility.”

“A super-sized season, as befitting Storm of Swords,” Benioff adds. “Last year we had a lot of 52-minute episodes. This year is a lot of 56, 57.”

This is the season I can’t wait to see.  So much happens in book 3 that will blow people’s minds.  Bring it on.



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