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Many people consider last season of Dexter to be far inferior to previous seasons.  They believed the twist of the season was anything but.  The sudden case of attraction that Deb felt for Dexter was unwarranted and the season ending cliffhanger should have occurred in season 5.  I didn’t have such vile against season six as others did but I do agree that Deb finally witnessing Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” should have happened a long time ago.

Well now that it as happened, season 7 is looking like it will be one nail biting episode after another.  The premiere episode seems to indicate as much, as the episode begins right were the last ended.  Well not exactly as we see Dexter on the run looking frazzled.  We see that his credit cards were all declined and his last ditch to purchase a plane ticket to get out of dodge.  Of, course we learned that it was all a fake out once the scene was but back into context.

Deb, for the entirety of the episode can’t escape the facts of what she witness from Dexter.  Even with several attempts from Dexter explaining that he snapped.  Her memories of her experience with the Ice Truck Killer looked to similar to the way that Dexter had his victim strapped to the table.  I just love how fast things seem to be moving as Deb’s determination led to an episode shocker as she discovers Dexter’s killing tools and blood slides.  What type of events will this paradigm shift bring?  I for one can’t wait to find out.

Also brewing for this season is the potential threat in the form of what looks like the Russian Mafia.  Dexter, in an attempt to gain control back in his life, tracks and kills an assassin of said Russian mob.  One can assume the blowback from this event isn’t very far behind.  Not to mention that a cop was killed before by the assassin and the force is on a mad hunt for the killer.  Another chink in Dexter’s armor is Laguerta as she discovers the missing blood slide that Dex dropped at the crime scene.  To the general public, the slides were used to incriminate Dexter’s past rival Doakes, who they think is the Bay Harbor Butcher.  My question is, does she think Doakes is alive, or that the slide could be used to clear his name?

Then there is Louis, who turns out to be the one who hacked into Dexter’s bank accounts and cancelled all his cards.  What is his deal and how will he fit in the overarching story?  I only hope the showrunners aren’t stuffing the season with too many unnecessary subplots.

This was a great season opener and should be a return to form for the fans of the show that may have been burnt by last season.  Things are looking great so far, and we haven’t even got to “oh so sexy” Yvonne Strahovski yet.

Rating: ★★★½☆  Good


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