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DC has some good events coming up. Forever Evil started this week, and Lights Out is almost upon us. But another event that started this week, one no one was really expecting. DC Universe v.s Masters Of The Universe. Personally, I couldn’t be any more excited.



Writer: Keith Giffen
Penciler: Dexter Soy
Price: $2.99

At first, I wasn’t sure this would work. I mean the likes of Superman? Wonder Woman? But then I remember that, not only is She-Ra just as strong, if not stronger than Wonder Woman, but that Superman is weak to magic. Though in the form of Adam he’s human, the entity of He-Man is pure magic, thus making him on par with Superman. There are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of this, calling it way too “out there”, but it’s a fantasy people, including myself, have dreamt of. This first issue gives us the gist of what’s going on and how we have such a crossover in the first place. Of course, this has something to do with Skeletor, He-Mans nemesis, and uncle. But Skeletor is actually under the employment of a much higher power, which may have been revealed in Keith Giffen’s 6-issue He -Man and The Masters of The Universe. Skeletor has a different look, which I liked alot. It steps far away from that hooded Skeletor that’s usually the butt of a lot of jokes. He looks very sinister, which he is. Keith Giffen really took the world of Eternia and transformed it into very deep and serious universe. Skeletor uses Black Alice to place siphons around the earth, setting in motion the evil scheme to drain the earth of its magical properties. On the other side of things, Xanadu once again plays a big role in helping protect the universe from other dimensional threats. Just like in Trinity War, Xanadu is approached by a woman who seeks the help she needs to stop Skeletor, and again, another big player in the Trinity War comes to help: John Constantine. It may seem like the idea was borrowed from the Trinity War story line, but if you think about it, Eternia and all of its respective characters, thrive on magic. The only characters really capable of handling such a situation are Xanadu and the Justice League Dark. The woman who visited Xanadu and Constantine as well as Skeletor play an important part in the connection between these two universes. I won’t name the woman because its sort of the big reveal, and it’s pretty big. What I found most interesting is that, John Constantine and Skeletor, both heard of certain aspects of each others universes through myth. And Skeletor in fact heard of Constantine himself, and that surprised to learn that he was in fact a real person. I really can’t wait to see where the relationship between these two characters winds up.


Dexter Soy absolutely made the Masters of The Universe look gorgeous. Like I mentioned before, i especially loved the way Skeletor looked. No matter where he was in the book, he looked sinister, beautifully sinister. His aura just screamed evil. Many people underestimate him because the 80’s version was very cheesy, taking away all seriousness from the character. That’s definitely not the case here, and a lot of that is because of Soy’s great pencils. Aside from Skeletor, Adam and the rest of the Masters look fantastic as well. Adam sort of has a Street Fighter/Ken Masters thing going on, and it suits him well. Soy’s background art brings Eternia to life, and contrasts well with the foreground and characters. I personally love Soy’s art, and think that he was a perfect pick on a title like this.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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