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I like Community as much as the next guy, and, as such, have been a little underwhelmed by Season 4, and at least part of that has to do with the absence of series creator, and scary loon, Dan Harmon. I personally find the show to be in the process of finding new footing, trying new things, and some episodes wound up being stronger than others.

According to Harmon’s podcast, he has been asked by NBC to return to the show, which has unexpectedly been renewed for Season 5. Yeah, I know, right? Go On gets cancelled, and this gets a fifth season? I guess social media matters, after all.

During the podcast, Harmon mentioned that he’d only return if Chevy Chase, who quit the show during the troubled production of Season 4, also returned. He was probably joking, but when it comes to those two nutcases, who knows.

The future of Community is neither bright nor dark, but at least it’s there. Hopefully, we won’t regret it when Season 5 premieres, probably in the fall. Worst case scenario, at least the second and third seasons were excellent!


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