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Welcome guys to episode 15 of Galaxy View.  Joining me is my co-host with the most, Zak Wojnar.  We recorded a portion of this podcast during Hurricane Sandy which caused a power loss cutting our podcast short.  But the light at the end of the tunnel was the official announcement of Lucasfilm being acquired by Disney.  Add to that the bombshell that we will have Star Wars Episode 7 by 2015.  Zak and I were able to get into some deep discussion about this new development the following day.  Other news we cover are:  Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, The Wolverine taking place after X-Men trilogy, X-Men Days of Future Past loses director, Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as Conan and John Logan will develop a two-story arc for 007.

For TV we discuss Ming Na joining the cast of SHIELD and Brandon T. Jackson to Play Axel Foley’s Son in Beverly Hills Cop TV series.

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