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I heard a couple of song driving, some on the train and a broadway show.

5. Top of the World – The Cataracs feat. DEV

I became a fan of these guys when I was reading an interview with music video director Collin Tilly.  I found out they created a lot of hits that I didn’t know they were behind.  ‘Like a G6’ from Far East Movement was one of their hits.  This song is one of my favorites from them, featuring the very sexy DEV.


4.  Sexy Chick – David Guetta feat. Akon 

David Guetta represents everything I love about dance music.  He knows how to put the right beat to the right artist, and this song is one of the prime examples of that.  Oh I wish I were at that poolside right now.

3. Don’t Want to go Home – Jason Derulo


What can I say about this guy.  Apart from anouncing his name on every damn song, his songs are pretty cool.  This song is the best one I’ve heard from him.  The only thing I don’t like about the video is he really looks like he is trying too hard to show people he can dance.  I don’t know if its the expressions on his face or is it that he’s too tall, but somehow he doesn’t pull those moves off gracefully.

2.  Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5

This is the mark I want to make in the life I have left on this earth.  Watching this video show me the magnitude of influence The Rolling Stones had on an entire generation.  You might say: ‘Well, Duh’. But sometimes there are things that you already know, or think you know that become really clearer when looked at from a different perspective.  I want to leave that big or close to it of an impression on this  and the next generation.

1.  He Lives In You – Various Artists

Now this was a tough one.  I went to see The Lion King on Broadway and I was thoroughly amazed.  The songs and the set designs were all top notch.  The song that got me the most was ‘He Lives in You’.  I went home and seached for it on You Tube.  I saw two versions:  the one from Lion King 2 by Lebo M and the other from the Broadway show.  I couldn’t figure which one I loved the most.  Then I said, hey, its my list, I can do with it ever i want.  So I put versions up as number 1.  Enjoy.

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