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This week was all about soundtracks.  I saw some great films, some new and some not so new, and the songs they featured left an imprint on my ear drums.  Granted, they were mostly from Real Steel, but that film wholes a special place in my heart for being my first reviewed film which you can read here.


5.  Tell Me Now – Moya Brennan

Because of my streaming, I get to watch films that I had forgotten about.  King Arthur was one such film, and one of the things that was great about it was the soundtrack.  The song at the end summed up the feeling I got from watching the film.  A feeling of true heroism.


4.  God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters – Moby

This is another song that summed up my feelings at the end.  I can still watch Heat today and still stay for every minute of it.  And as soon as this song comes on, you know you have seen something epic.


3.  Till I Collapse – Eminem

It was a choice between this song and Fastlane from Bad Meets Evil, both featured in the film Real Steel.  I decided to go with the former because face it, that’s one of the coldest Eminem songs out there.  The beat alone gives you the juice get up and smack a robot in the face.


2.  Give it a Go – Timbaland Feat. Veronica Gardner

Also from the Real Steal soundtrack, this song complimented the energy of the film very well.  This song was one of the benefits of  seeing the film in a very loud theater.


1.  The Journey – Hans Zimmer feat. Lebo M

This song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  This is why Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite film composers working today.  Tears of the sun was a roller coaster journey and what better way to end it than composing a song entitled Journey.  What would I give to see Hans Zimmer in concert.  Make sure you turn your speakers up for this one.


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