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One of the things that bothers me as a filmmaker, is when I hear a song that I like that could be a single but it has no video.  What I usually end up doing is to just pretend as if I was the director of the video and create one in my head.  I thought to myself since I have this medium to do so, I will share my top 5 songs without videos that I like, and what I would do if I were the director of these videos.  Share you thoughts with me and tell me what you think.

5.  She Will – Lil Wayne Feat. Drake

I’m very surprised that there isn’t a video for this song.  Why not?  It’s all over the radio.  Oh Well.  So here is how I would do it.  It;s day time in the city and Lil Wayne’s Audi R8 is the only car in the street.  As a matter fact, the city is devoid of anyone.  It’s just Lil Wayne in his car with this sexy dime piece.  He eventually gets up to his penthouse where his lady drops the coat she was wearing to reveal diamond encrusted lingerie.  The video is intercut with Weezy and Drake taking a tour through a private club where all around are beautifull women.  During the video, Lil Wayne takes the woman from the begining of the video around the globe to exotic locales.


4.  Crank It Up – David Guetta Feat. Akon

Like the song states about the women not being in magazines, the girls in this video will not be the typical model type.  The video will have a carnival setting both day and night shoots will be involved.  Lots of videos for this type of song features women dancing in slow motion.  The dancing in this will hardcore sexy and will match the tempo of the song.  Lots of flame spitter and energy.



3.  Animal – Ellie Goulding

I got the idea for this video from various movies about genetically enhanced humans who escape from whatever facility they are in, only to end up being chased by their imprisoners.  The video would take place in some foreign country during the winter.  It would start with Ellie being kept in a secure facility under investigation.  She would be trained in the art of combat by a young and handsome man.  Over time the man develops feelings for her, even watches her on the moniter when she is in her room.  She starts to develop feelings for him as well.  This all happens during the first half of the video.  We see the alarms and sirens go off in the facility and we see that the cause is Ellie and her trainer making a run for it.  We get to see outside where they aquire a snow mobile and are being chased by other snow mobiles.  Cut to them in a broken down apartment somewhere in France.  The make love.  We see a special forces team making their way upstairs and burst in the door of the apatment.  She takes them out single handedly.  Her and her trainer get into a subway and kiss.  Camera zooms out above to reveal a satalite is tracking them.  The End.  They will alway be hunted.



2.  I’m A Machine – David Guetta Feat. Crystal Nicole

I’m going Ghost in the Shell with this one.  And I’ll throw in a bit of I, Robot for good measure.  David Guetta would be the head of a science division that builds sexy robots.  The current model he is building is Crystal Nicole v2.0.  This scene would resemble the opening scene from Ghost in the Shell.  While she is being assembled she is singing the song.  Meanwhile somewhere else in the world, there is a party filled with beautiful women and what looks like college guys.  That scene is intercut with the David’s and Crystal’s scenes.  As the song progresses, more layers are added on to Crystal.  She and two other robot girls are dancing while on the assembly line.  A sexy security guard takes a fancy to David.  She grabs him into the server room and they start making out.  During this heavy make out session, he plugs out a wire from one of the servers.   This action shuts down not only Crystal and the other dacing robots, but the girl he is making out with and the every girl at the college party.  David plugs the wire back in and the party and song continues till the end where Crystal is now fully assembled.



1.  I Was Here – Beyonce’

Ok so I’m cheating a bit with this one.  She made a video of herself  performing the song in New York and cuts it with home videos.  Not bad, not bad.  I would have done it differently though.  When I first heard the song (before she was pregnant), the video I imagined for it was a dedication to the females in our armed forces.  The video starts with a slow motion top down shot of a Black Hawk Helicopter flying over a town in the middle east.  That image would work perfectly with the accoustic guitar that you hear in the beginning of the song.  We see Beyonce’ and her squad in the helicopter.  As they are about to rapel out of the helicopter, we see a flashback of Beyonce’ with her husband (not Jay-Z) in bed.  A little girl walks in the room and jumps in between them.  We see the family on outings like picnics and the zoo.  This is intercut with Beyonce in the army training.  When the song hits the top level towards the end, we jump back to the present to see the skirmish the Beyonce’ and her squad are in.  We see some of the soldiers getting picked off (Not violently though.  It has to air on TV).  Beyonce’ rescues an injured teammate only to be taken out by an RPG.  We cut to her husband and little girl in a hanger bay filled with caskets draped with the American flag  and stops ant her casket.  The video fades to black and the word “For All The Women Who Fight For Us” is displayed.



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  • girlblabsalot44

    on the beyonce song, i saw her video, and, I would love to see your version on film. it feels powerful.

    • Mark Bridge

      Thank You. Hopefully anyone of these artists sees this article and gives me a call. 🙂