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Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published last year August.  In light of Iron Man 3 going into production this month,  I decided to republish this article.

When it was announced that Jon Favreau was not directing Iron Man 3 and that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black was taking over, I was a bit skeptical.  The statement that Shane wanted to do away with the armor vs. armor of the first two films, and instead go with a more Tom Clancy-esque feel to the film as well as a real world villain, left me with mixed feelings.  Only time will tell if this a good move when the film comes out on May 3rd, 2013.  Until then here are five things I would love to see in the film.

5.  Rescue

In the comic, Pepper Potts gets injured in an attack on one of Stark Towers.  In order to save her, Tony had to put the repulsor technology inside of her to live.  It turns out that the R-Tech gave her the ability to levitate.  Also Tony decided without her knowledge to build her a non-offensive armored suit that was designed for rescue missions only.  Something along those lines could happen to the film counterpart (played by Gweneth Paltrow) as well.  Whomever the villain ends up being, he could be dead set on killing Tony Stark by first destroying everything he owns, including his buildings.  One of which just happens to have Pepper in it, and in order to save her life he would have to do for her what the doctor in the cave did for him.  It would be a nice Full Circle moment.




4.  Ezekiel Stane

Another Full Circle Moment would be having Ezekiel Stane, son of Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger who was the villain in the first film, appear in the third film as one of the villains (more on that later).  In the comic, Ezekiel was trying to turn his body into a flesh made Iron Man Suit in which he had all the powers of Iron Man but without the armor.  He was intelligent as well as ruthless.  He was also responsible for destroying the building that Pepper was in.  This could be an interesting addition to film as he would technically not be another armored suit going up against Iron Man.


3.  An Army of Iron Men

In the second film, Justin Hammer wanted to build  Iron Suits by any means necessary, including and not limited to making a deal with the devil in the form of the villain Whiplash.  By the end he was discorvered to be the conniving weasel he is, and was arrested.  In the third film, he could be bailed out by a mysterious benefactor and chartered off to some unknown part of the world.  He would then be given the secrets to Stark’s R-Tech, and in return for this mysterious helper giving him this lovely gift, Justin would have to use his resources to build an Army of Iron Men.

Iron Men


2.  Extremis

No matter how powerful or advanced Tony makes the suit, he will never be satisfied with its performance.  “It could be faster”, “Its too heavy”,  “It takes too long to put on”.  These are the things Tony would say about the suit, until one day he got his ass handed to him and was left on the brink of death.  It was then that a fringe drug known as Extremis was used on Tony to repair the extensive damage he sustain during battle.  He then discovered a side effect to the drug was to give him the ability to create a golden sheet over his body making the Iron Suit a part of his body.  He was able to call on the suit much faster.  It was lighter and he was more powerful.  The film could begin with him working for the first time with bio tech but being afraid to test it until half way through the movie he is defeated and left for dead, only to be rescued by Rescue.  With the little strength that he has, he informs her to inject him with the drug.  This could make for an intense scene.  The third act of the film could feature a team up of Rescue, War machine and and an Extremis laced Iron Man.




1.  Mandarin

What if The Dark Knight never had Joker?  What if the Original Superman Film never had Lex Luther?  What would those films look like?  For God’s Sake give Iron Man his Joker.  Give him his Lex Luther.  Mandarin would be the mysterious villain who first gives Ezekiel the resources to build his human Iron suit to destroy Tony’s livelihood.  Then gives Justin the secrets of R-Tech so he could make an army to attack America.  And for the trifecta, Mandarin would go up against an exhausted Iron Man and pulverize him.  Shane Black wants a real world villain.  Well Mandarin could sort of serve as a real world villain in that he could be a Chinese warlord who decides to create terrorists cells around the world called the 10 Rings, who we saw members of in the first two films.  He discovered an alien ship in his early years and dedicated his time into learning their technology and power.  He uses their advance science to create ten rings of power which he uses to defeat Iron Man.



So there you have it folks, the Iron Man film that would make me see it three times in the theater.

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