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Mob movies are a genre of film that always seems to resound with the viewing public.  Whether it is the drama, the larger than life characters, or the action and violence, these films continue to draw audiences into the theaters decade after decade.  Today we take a brief look at the TOP 5 mob movies of all time.


5. GoodFellas

This 1990 classic by director Martin Scorsese explores the life of wiseguy Henry Hill.  He starts off as a young kid who wanted to be somebody and viewers go to watch Henry grow up in the New York’s Italian mafia.  GoodFellas shows the mob and what they were at their core, and how it fell apart in the end.


4. Scarface

The 1983 remake of the 1932 classic puts Al Pacino in the title role of Tony Montana as it explore his escape from Cuba to Miami and then his rise in the criminal world.  As Tony rises in power, the pressure from his enemies both real and imaginary start to take its toll on his empire.


3. Casino

This film also makes most top 5 lists for casino movies as it explores the mobs involvement in Las Vegas in the 70’s and 80’s.  Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro both go to Las Vegas to stake their claim but both fall victim to the city’s vices.  Ace falls for a woman hustler while Nicky falls victim to drugs.


2. The Untouchables

This 1987 film tells the story of 1920’s Chicago and the corruption that is rampant due to prohibition.  Eliot Ness and his small team take aim at the most powerful man in the city, Al Capone.  Ness eventually finds out that sometimes it is brains over muscle that is needed to take down such a powerful figure.


1. Pulp Fiction

Many people forget that the movie that made Quentin Tarantino a superstar director is actually a mob movie.  The film takes a non-sequential look at the actions and repercussion of the actions of Jules and Vincent, two men that work for crime lord Marcellus Wallace.  It is a violent, yet hilarious film that needs to be watched more than once to fully appreciate.


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