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Director Brad bird, who was known for animated films such as The Incredibles and Iron Giant, successfully brought the Mission Impossible franchise back Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  News of a possible Mission Impossible 5 quickly arrived after MI 4’s success.  Then came word that Brad Bird would not return for the fifth outing, stating the the MI franchise is known for different directors putting their stamp on each film.  So with no director in place for the sequel, I got to thinking about who could replace Brad Bird.  I thought of 5 filmmakers with unique voices that could bring a new vision to the franchise.


5.  Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder burst onto the scene with the remake of Dawn of the Dead, then solidified himself as bankable visionary director with 300.  He then went on to direct the “unfilmable” Watchman adaptation to mixed reception, which I though was a pretty good film with some flaws.  He also did an animated film called Legends of the Guardians, and the critical and commercial flop Sucker Punch.  So his films may have varying successes, but the one thing they all have in common is a unique style.  If you wanna see some stylized action in the next MI film, I say hire this guy.  As much as I liked Brad Bird’s version, I think it was visually and tonally similar to J.J. Abrams’ Mission Impossible 3.  Snyder’s version would definitely set itself apart visually from the other film in the franchise.


4. Peter Berg

Ok.  So Battleship didn’t exactly wow us at the movie theaters, but I have a feeling that had less to do with Peter Berg, and more to do with Hasbro and Universal wanting a Tranformers-esque film without hiring Michael Bay.  If you look at Berg’s previous films (Friday Night Lights, The Rundown, The Kingdom), you can see that he can competently handle a range of genres.  Hancock had some great ideas but was poorly executed.  I think with a great script for MI 5, and Berg’s style for action, you can have a kinetic film that will sure to please the summer crowd.


3. David Fincher

He was originally slated to direct the third film but eventually chose to do Zodiac instead.  One wonders what a Fincher directed MI 3 would have looked like.  Going through his filmography, you can see that most of his film carry a dark and gritty tone to it.  If they wanted to take it in that direction, Fincher is the guy to go with.  He could channel what he did in Seven, The Game or Fight Club, and put Ethan Hunt and his team through hell.  Imagine a Trent Rezner remix of the M.I. theme.  SICK!!!


2. Christopher Nolan

Why wouldn’t I put him in the list?  It’s a big no brainer.  He can do huge set pieces (The Dark Knight Trilogy), mind f*@k stories (Momento, The Prestige, Inception), and he knows how to utilize the IMAX cameras to blow our minds.  All these elements are perfect to take the next MI film to the next level.  With Wally Pfister’s cinematography and Hans Zimmer’s composition, you will definitely have the most successful MI film of all time.  Paramount should not hold back on the budget for this thing.  If the top 5 highest grossing films of all time has taught us anything, is that if you spend big in hiring the right people, it will definitely pay off big.


1.  Joss Wheddon

Also a no brainer, and it’s not because of The Avengers.  Joss has been playing in the genre field for a long time, giving us fan favorite TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly.  J.J. Abrams came from TV before hitting it big with Mission Impossible 3.  So hiring another TV director like Joss Wheddon shouldn’t be a problem.  Then you factor in the monster hit that is The Avengers, then you have to ask yourself: “Why isn’t this guy directing our next five pictures?”  Wheddon’s skill for handling an ensemble and making sure each character gets a chance to shine will come in handy for this film.  Not to mention his ability to balance humor and serious action, then we have ourselves an exciting experience at the movies.  Something that the previous film could not fully capture.

So that’s my list.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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