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I know this may seem as a surprise. Of all the comics, PowerPuff Girls? But if your over the age of twenty and remember your best childhood cartoons. No matter if your boy or girl, you loved the PowerPuff Girls. They were your heroes among Batman and Superman, and they’re back!


Writer: Troy Little
Penciler: Troy Little
Price: $3.99

Right away, when I cracked the book open, I looked for one of my favorite characters: The Narrator. And sure enough in a green caption box, there he was. “The city of Townsville… Is On Fire!” All thanks to Mojo Jojo and one of his latest giant robots. It’s rare when a TV show comic adaption plays out just like the TV show. This is one of those rare ones. Troy Little right away establishes the fact that it’s been so long. As they approach Mojo Jojo, they seem sort of tired of this “Destroy Townsville” thing, which has happened before in episodes where the girls don’t take him seriously. But this time, the realization doesn’t only come from the girls point of view, but Mojo himself. Troy Little so perfectly captured these characters, especially Mojo Jojo and his ridiculous need to talk and refer to himself in the third-person. But it’s through that that we find out what Mojo Jojo’s plan is after he’s been captured, and it’s not so evil. The episode that revealed that Mojo Jojo in fact did have a hand in accidentally creating the PowerPuff Girls, and giving himself super intelligence as well, plays a big role in this debut issue. It actually ends with a cliffhanger that’s definitely going to be really interesting to see play out. I always believed the PowerPuff Girls could be a successful comic, even hold their own in the DC or Marvel Universes. Especially their Fusion Fall forms. This is only gonna be five issues, which is pretty sad, but I understand. But I would’ve liked to see intense character development like DC does with their animated Beyond Universe in comics today. It was a fantastic read that, felt like a roller coaster of nostalgia, but ended with an interesting plot twist, only drawing me closer to this five issue mini-series. Troy Little and IDW did a fantastic job bringing back the PowerPuff Girls, and I’m definitely, more than ever, looking forward to other Cartoon Network titles, especially Samurai Jack.


Troy Little is also the penciler for this book, which is always great because the writer knows exactly what he wants to see, and can put it down on a page the way he/she imagined it. The art is perfect. It’s almost like i was watching the TV show in HD still frame. It really made reading this comic That much better, and one of the most enjoyable I’ve read this week. The story and art are a great homage to creator Craig McCracken.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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