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We all know that Marvel’s The Avengers is a Disney property, but those of us who have been following the series since Iron Man in 2008 know this wasn’t always the case. After all, It’s not the Disney logo which appears before either The Avengers, nor Iron Man 3, but it is that of Paramount.

Why is this, you ask? When Marvel Studios was first founded, they decided to make their movies on their own, but to have a big company distribute them, kind of like a 21st century version of the relationship between Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox regarding Star Wars. Anyway, Marvel struck a deal with Paramount, in which Marvel would make the movies, and Paramount would pick up the distribution tab, and then everybody would profit and party with supermodels. The deal was for six films.


Then, the unthinkable happened! Disney, of all groups, purchased Marvel in its entirity; the comics, the videogames, the television cartoons, and the film division, Marvel Studios, and would therefore be responsible for distribution of all future Marvel movies, starting with The Avengers, leaving Paramount out in the cold. But there was a snag, in that Paramount had a six film deal, and there were two movies left in the deal (The Incredible Hulk was distributed by Universal). In a bit of a financial technicality stemming from Disney’s purchase, they agreed to pay all distribution costs for The Avengers and Iron Man 3, but Paramount would have its logo in front of the films, as well as collecting some of the profit, without incurring any costs of its own.

Now, Deadline is reporting how much money they made, much to Disney’s dismay.

Paramount is pocketing 9% of Disney’s total profits from The Avengers, as well as 8% from Iron Man 3. This amounts to roughly $190 million. Deadline reports a Paramount exec remarking on the affair as “very nice.” Indeed, it was nice, but it’s over, as now Disney will distribute and collect all of their due profits (and supermodel parties) from all future Marvel Studios movies.


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