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With Hulk being one of the best things about The Avengers film last year, we all assumed we would get to see Hulk before The Avengers 2.  When Marvel’s Phase 2 films were announced, Hulk was nowhere to be found.  Well it seems like a solo adventure will be planned for Phase 3 which could likely lead into a Hulk driven Avengers 3.  Marvel Studio’s head huncho Kevin Feige has stated before that any plans for Hulk solo film would likely happen after Avengers 2 and his hopes would be to do the Planet Hulk storyline.


Now it has been reported by Collider via Latino Review we won’t see the Hulk until 2015′s The Avengers 2, as per Feige.  However, a third act or post-credits scene of the sequel will set up Hulk’s next standalone picture.  Marvel’s version of the Illuminati, made up of Tony Stark, a soon to be introduced Dr. Strange and others will ship Hulk into space where he will be stranded on a planet and force to fight in gladiatorial like games.  The site also reports that World War Hulk would be the basis for The Avengers 3 storyline.  The story would be foreshadowed by the end of the Planet Hulk movie.

If this is where the Hulk story is going then I’m all for it.  I was a big fan of both Planet Hulk and World War Hulk and I believe they will make for great cinematic experiences.  Make mine Marvel.  What do you guys think?


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