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Bryan Singer will make his triumphant return to the X-Men franchise this summer with the fifth installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  He directed the first two X-Men, then left during preproduction on the third to helm the underwhelming Superman Returns.  The film’s producer, Lauren Shuler Donner reached out to Singer to return to direct the fourth, but because he was contracted to helm another film for Warner Bros. (same studio that did Superman Returns), he could only return in a producing capacity, leaving the task of directing to Matthew Vaughn.  That film would become a prequel/reboot called X-Men: First Class.  Vaughn would then exit the fifth installment leaving Singer to finally return to the franchise he helped started.  He has always regretted not being able to continue is vision of the series and will utilize X-Men: DOFP as a way of correcting some of the mistakes the series have made in the past.

X-Men: DOFP is based on the Chris Claremont comic book story of the same name, and will feature some elements from the popular tale, which will include sentinels and time travel.  Singer will also use the opportunity to introduce some cool new mutants to saga.  The concern that many including myself share, is how much screen time will these iconic mutants have.  A character that will be making his first appearance in the franchise is Quicksilver.  One of the interesting thing to note about Quicksilver is his heritage.  He is the biological son of the X-Men’s long-time foe, Magneto.  What’s also interesting is that both Fox and Marvel Studios have the rights to use the character in their respective franchises.  Quicksilver will also be making an appearance in Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Singer spoke to Empire Magazine (via CBM) where he offered some insight on the role Quicksilver will play in his film.  “Quicksilver was always in our script,” claims Singer.  “Marvel were informed early on that I was using him. The way it’ll play out in our movie versus what I believe they are going to do [ in ‘The Avengers’ sequel] is so different. And this is not an enormous role – he’s only on one beat of the movie.”

This sounds like the character will be little more than a cameo which is somewhat disappointing but not at all unexpected.  There has been much hoopla made about his costume from fans.  These fans already thinks that Whedon will give the more accurate version of the character, despite not being able to refer to him as a mutant or speak about his lineage.  Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver in DOFP, says that the film will address his relationship to Magneto in some capacity.  “When [Magneto and Quicksilver] first meet, there’s a cool, “Do I know you?  moment.”

That sounds more like fan service that explicitly addressing his lineage.  Hopefully it’s more than a “Do I know you moment” in the finished product.  I don’t expect him to be calling Magneto daddy or anything.  I just want a more concrete “I am your father, I am your son” revelation.

X-Men Days of Future Past will open in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

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