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Ever since Disney acquired LucasFilm, Star Wars news have been rapidly hitting the interwebs.  Some of those news reports stated that Disney would be working on stand alone Star Wars films that would be released in between the main saga.  They even hired Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan and X-Men: First Class writer, Simon Kinberg to craft  a number of Star Wars stand alone films.  Today at CinemaCon, Disney took the stage to announce that starting in the summer of 2015 with the release of Star Wars Episode 7, there will be a Star Wars film every summer following.


Now with that announcement, there is a danger of over saturating the market with too many Star Wars films, and therefore the quality would suffer as a result.  I think if Disney wants to go that route, they should make sure that the stand alone films are vastly different in terms of style and tone than the main saga.  Like for instance, if that Seven Samurai inspired tale that Zack Snyder was rumored to be involved with was true, then that would be a cool way to go.  Hire different visionary directors to tell there Star Wars tale is a definite step in the right direction.

For now J.J. Abrams is busy prepping Episode 7 which is set for release in 2015.  So no matter our worries regarding overkill, we have at least have one Star Wars film that we will be lining up for months before release.  So what do you guys think?  Is Disney giving us too much Star Wars films?

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