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At Comic Con in 2012, Thomas Jane debut a short film called Dirty Laundry, where he plays a seemingly regular guy out doing his laundry.  When he notices that a kid was terrorized by a bunch of gangsters, he violently intervenes.  It wasn’t until the end of the short that we find out that we were watching Frank Castle aka The Punisher.  Adi Shankar, who produce the short is behind yet another short from director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) called Truth in Journalism.  This film is set up like Dirty Laundry, in that you are not sure what you are watching.  But if you are a comic book aficionado, it’s easy to figure out that you are watching Eddie Brock aka Venom.  The film stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten as the disgraced journalist Eddie Brock who is the subject of a french documentary.

The film has a very dark tone to it.  You definitely won’t be seeing this kind of treatment of the character on the big screen anytime soon.  Check out the short and tell me what you think.


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