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Two years ago, DC comics made a bold decision to reboot their comic book universe, creating all new origins for most of their characters.  They used an event called Flashpoint to ignite this new universe. The event has already been adapted into a new animated movie called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox DC has been known to adapt some of their most popular storylines into animated films, most recently releasing Justice League: Doom based on the Tower of Babel storyline written by Mark Waid.  The interesting thing that I thought about was the fact that we are two years into the New DC 52, and we haven’t seen the new look reflected in any other medium save for maybe the Man of Steel film.


I made a guess that The Flashpoint Paradox would lead into The New DC 52 for animated films.  It turns out that I guessed correctly as it was announce today that Warner Bros. Animation will be releasing a new animated film in 2014 called Justice League: War based on the first volume of the new 52’s Justice League. This story will see the origins of the League as they team up to battle Darkseid.  The question is, does it make Darkseid more or least likely to be the villain of the Justice League live action film that they are trying to get off the ground.

I’m glad to be seeing the New DC 52 coming to animated films as I’m a fan of some of the stories that have come out so far.  I suspect we will be seeing a Court of Owls storyline seen in the pages of Batman very soon. For now, expect Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox in a few weeks when it hit stores, July 30th.

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