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I seriously get the feeling that this if the film that Zack Snyder gets to completely unleash all his Snyder-isms.  When he made Man of Steel, it was heavily influenced by Christopher Nolan, who oversaw the project.  That’s why MoS felt more like a Nolan film than Snyder’s.  Zak then got of bit of leeway with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice when the decision was made that they will be starting the DC cinematic universe (or DCEU as it is now known as).  Nolan only received an executive Producer credit this time and was not involved creatively this time around.  With the critical slaughter that BvS received, mostly for its somber tone, WB decided they were going to make a fun Justice League movie.  If the new trailer is any indication, it looks like they will manage to accomplish that very goal.  We see all the usual tropes of Zak Snyder movie, including his famous slo-mo action.

I have not lost faith in the DCEU. BvS was a misstep, and although I enjoyed Suicide Squad, it too fell short of the mark. WB\DC has two chances this year to win the naysayers back, with Wonder Woman and Justice League.  The trailer looks really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what’s to come.

Justice League heads in to theater November 17th.

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