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The DCEU has not been faring well with critics since Man of Steel back in 2013, but there is always hope that the next entry in the shared universe franchise will steer the ship correctly.  As to appease fans and critics alike who haven’t been enjoying the DC films, WB/DC has been very forthcoming in their plans for the upcoming Justice League film.  They’ve invited a few of their detractors on the set to show them their new direction.  Ben Affleck has also gotten into the appeasing fans business, as he has dropped the latest bomb that none other than Deathstroke is making his cinematic debut in Justice League.   The news comes via his Twitter account which you can see below.

In the video you can see Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson exiting what looks like the Flying Fox, the air transport for the Justice League.  The Batmobile is also visible in the background.  The character has so far showed up in a number of animated films, in Batman Arkham Origins video game, and most memorably in Arrow, played by the fantastic Manu Bennett.  No word yet on what capacity the character would be function in, or who is playing him.  In a film that has intergalactic threats  for the League to confront, I don’t know how much of a challenge Deathstroke will be. Maybe he becomes a temporary ally to help the team face Steppenwolf, who is supposedly the main villain of the film.

We will surely find out when we get an first or second full trailer, or more certainly when the film arrives in theaters November 17, 2017.


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